Indulgent Snack Inspiration With Boursin

by Jo

I recently learned the term ‘pluviophile’ which describes someone who enjoys the rain and gains peace of mind from it. Like a number of people I can absolutely relate to that: do you get that feeling of instant comfort when you look out the window and see that it’s pouring outside? I think there’s almost something reliving about it; like it gives you the green light for a few guilt free hours of relaxation – I mean you couldn’t possibly go out and run errands in such dreadful conditions, right?

Since being sent a lovely hamper from Boursin I’ve been getting a little more experimental with quick evening snacks and making the kind that aren’t quite a meal but certainly more indulgent than a quick nibble. Life is very hectic at the moment with lots of things to balance so I’m really valuing chill out time more than ever. If you’re feeling the same and fancy a big-taste-minimal-effort snack for relaxing maybe you can take inspiration from my quick bites:

So first of all, let’s forget crackers and start with something more hearty: bread. Avoid white (it’s so overrated) and pick something rustic and interesting like a nice chewy sourdough; something dense which will hold lots of toppings. I chose a fruity, cranberry and orange loaf topped with pumpkin seeds. Sweet, dried fruit is a dream with herby cheese!

Try a thick layer of Boursin spread over a slice of your bread, topped with fresh prawns that have been tossed in the juice of half a lime and finish with a generous topping of cracked black pepper.

I figured cool and creamy avocado teamed with rich and creamy Boursin would be a great partnership and oh yes, yes it was. Pile some roughly smashed avocado onto your bread (keep it chunky) then chunk off nuggets of Boursin over the top.

And if you’re looking for and old favourite, the classic pairing, the ultra laid back snack: top off that cheesy bread with a great big dollop of sweet, caramelised onion chutney.

News flash: food does not always have to be complicated and showy. Some of the best food experiences can be the simple ones with classic, quality ingredients and the right setting. And doing something simple can be good for the soul I think! Building a tasty snack on a wooden board in front of something you’ve been meaning to watch and in this case with rain running down the window pane can be pretty damn therapeutic in my opinion.

Disclosure: this is a paid post. As always all thoughts are my own.

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