A Night In with Boursin

by Jo Kenny

I cannot tell you how happy deliveries like this make me! Getting a text from Q to tell me I have something waiting at home has me clock watching all day. Oh to be a full time blogger… *sigh*

I’ve teamed up with Boursin who is the new sponsor of the 9pm film on Film4, and I guess that’s (naturally) got them thinking about movie nights and in general, a good night in. To be honest a collaboration like this couldn’t be more suited to what I’m all about. Cosy night at home? Cheese I’ve loved for as long as I can remember? Yep, I’m into it!

It’s not gone unnoticed that in the last couple of years the invites from friends to go on nights out have dwindled and been replaced with invites to come over for dinner. Clubs have been replaced by pubs and wild Friday nights out have become chilled Friday nights in.

Am I sad? Absolutely not. As a bit of an introvert I found the socialising of my early twenties a little tiring and monotonous and I was always the first to call for a taxi. Go hard or go home? I want to go hard then go home… at a reasonable hour… to a blanket and a big jumper. That’s not to say I didn’t (and don’t still) enjoy a party, I just also get a huge sense of satisfaction from coming back home again!

Now in my late twenties, the socially acceptable option to chill out as well as let loose suits me just fine. One of the saving graces of us all becoming adults with demanding careers and responsibilities is that we’ve learned to appreciate a bit of calm.

I’ve been sent an incredible hamper full of goodies for relaxing after a long day/week in the office, as well as a Boursin inspired recipe book and ingredients. Q has been doing all of the cooking this week so I can’t wait to get some inspiration and get creative in the kitchen over the Easter weekend. I’ve always just smothered Boursin on crackers but now I think about it, it’s one of those cheeses that lends itself really well to seasoning a lot of different dishes. (Boursin mashed potatoes anyone? Boursin cheesy scones?)

But on the night of receiving these lovely goodies I admit I was feeling very much in the mood for convenience and plonking myself in front of the television. So out came a big and delicious ‘picky tea’ spread. Aaah, what is it about a picky tea (I wonder what other countries call it?) that is so damn enjoyable? I wonder if it’s the nostalgia from children’s parties where you’d be presented with loads of different nibbles and you’d pile it all on, regardless of whether it all ‘went’ together or not. Instead now it’s all about cheese and cured meats rather than pineapple sticks and Party Rings. (…what am I saying, Party Rings are as relevant as ever.)

How cute is this engraved cheese knife? I may have been reciting it to myself in my best (not my best) French accent. I also may or may not have also accidentally consumed half a Boursin for my dinner… it’s too good on fresh white bread! Apparently I’ve been sent a Gold one with an improved recipe but to be honest I’ve always found it nothing short of bloody delicious, so I can only confirm that it’s as creamy and moreish as ever.

So watch out for some cheesy recipes coming soon. Have you ever used Boursin in your cooking? Do you have any requests for what I make? Let me know!

Disclosure: this is a paid post. As always all thoughts are my own.

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