Fairground Onions

by Jo

Here’s a quick tip for tangy, sticky soft onions like the kind that get plonked on top of your burger and handed to you in a paper napkin from a van.


Golden Shred marmalade for onions

White onion

That’s right, the stuff you put on your toast is going in your dinner! It’s sour as well as sweet and goes perfectly with a tangy white onion. Chop said onion into long strips and place in a pan with a knob of butter. Just as they’re beginning to soften, go in with a big hearty dollop of marmalade and a good few twists of black cracked pepper.

Marmalade and onions

Once the marmalade has melted in and the onions are bubbling away, loosen up the mix with a so-very-English splashes of Worcestershire sauce.

Lea & Perrins for marmalade onions

15-20 minutes on a medium heat should leave you with super soft, sweet onions with a little tangy kick.

Fried marmalade onions recipe

Now, call upon your sausages, your burgers, your kebabs and have yourself a Winter feast!

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