In Search of Blackberries

by Jo Kenny

Growing and foraging food I find so very satisfying. I don’t have a garden (yet) but I have always dreamt of having a vegetable patch for that very reason; I want the enjoyment of creating my food and getting it from somewhere that isn’t a clinical supermarket.

And speaking of getting a garden soon, that’s what inspired us to venture into the woods in search of blackberries. Q and I are about to embark on the journey to getting a mortgage and moving into our very first home. Because of this we’re looking for low cost activities. And in this case, no cost at all!

The best things in life are free. Like these beautiful scenes.

Rushmere Country Park is an absolute beauty and the obvious place near where we live to go in search of blackberries.

Rushmere is an impressive 400 acres of woodland. Q and I once had the pleasure (horror) of getting thoroughly lost in the depths of it. Ever since then we’ve stayed cautiously to the paths and routes that we know!

The colours of the fern patches were beautiful. Hello Autumn.

And hello blackberries!

They didn’t take long to find. Brambles grow all over the woodland and we began picking our way through the thorns to find the juiciest berries.

Blackberries first start appearing in June and peak in August, but they continue to grow until November so foraging them is a lovely Autumn activity.

Before long our little tub started to fill up…

Shop the bag here.

In my university years I had a real obsession for watching Ray Mears’ programmes. His words on conservation were resonating in my head as I picked the blackberries, so I took just a few from each bush.

Purple fingers guaranteed!

Aren’t they pretty? I was so pleased with them; better than anything I could buy in plastic packaging!

Time to go home and bake a cake…

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