Urban Pie, Leicester

by Jo Kenny

Today we went to Leicester. We’ve never been before so we had great fun exploring the High Cross shopping centre; a little more architectural and shiny than our humble retail facilities at Milton Keynes! When it comes to lunchtimes somewhere new it can be all too easy to fall back on the reliable chains you know like the back of your hand. We were determined not to do this and finally, nestled away on the high street, we found Urban Pie.


Urban pie entrance


Urban Pie in Leicester is one of two, the other being at Birmingham’s Bullring. As I’ve mentioned before I love when a restaurant takes one item of food and perfects it. As you can guess, their speciality is pie! With cold toes and rumbling stomachs it was the perfect answer to a cold January lunch time.


Urban pie Leicester

Mr Yumdimsum doesn’t mess around when he’s hungry!


The unit itself is small but perfectly formed- the interior has got that fashionable British industrial thing going on. It’s all very simple really: you pick your pie, you pick your side, you tuck in and enjoy! Mega fast food that’s not horribly processed and junktastic- a rare find!


Urban Pie chicken mushroom sweetcorn


How cute are these individual little pies? I went for chicken & mushroom, with horseradish mash & sweetcorn. You get a nice big ladle of gravy as well for 25p. Bargain! In fact the value for money in general was great, a meal & a drink cost less than £8.00.


Urban Pie chicken mushroom


This place isn’t gourmet but it’s simple, honest and really tasty. There’s something really specifically comforting about the food, again on a really simple level; it’s like that feeling you’d get when you tucked into a hearty school dinner after being forced to do PE outside in the middle of winter. It warms your soul and puts a bit smile on your face!

Very decent grub to fuel a day of shopping! Check out their menu and offers here.



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