Percy’s BBQ Milton Keynes

by Jo Kenny

Let me start off by saying that Percy is a wonderful chap. He’s up there with Ronald and the Colonel.

Sadly, unless you live in Milton Keynes you won’t get to know him. That is a great shame indeed, because Percy’s delivers to your door all BBQ’d meats in all possible forms. And my God, it is very, very good. I’ve blogged about their suitably named Porkwich before, but I’m such a fan of this take away I felt I had to shout about them a little more.

It all begins when you step through your front door and realise that you’re ravenous. You need to be gratified instantly and there’s no way you’re going DIY; you’re going to pay someone to do it for you.

Percy to the rescue!

Now here’s where they get all 2012 on us. You can forget the frustrating 15 minutes of rummaging through your drawers for the menu, because Percy’s do it on the internet. A few clicks and you can sit back and relax! No need to frantically search down the back of the sofa to make up the last 84p of your bill either as payment can be taken online too.

Your order comes in a crisp, white paper bag. No low-brow greasy pizza box for you. Just look at this packaging- classy.


Percys bbq milton keynes

milton keynes percys bbq


You can get your meat fix in any form you want: flatbread, burger, burrito… and if its not on the menu you’ve only to call up and ask for it.  Percy cares! This is a very young company, but rather than focusing on growing quantities of customers they hone in on building a rapport with their existing ones and as a result, they remain faithful. This takeaway gets horrendously busy on a Friday night, but your food will usually come in 40 minutes. One particularly busy weekend they took 1 hour 30 minutes to deliver; as an apology not only did they offer us 10% off our next bill, when we ordered tonight they had obviously remembered and fast tracked our food as it came in less than 20 minutes!

I had a burrito, filled with Monterey jack cheesy pulled pork perfection (say that with your mouth full)


Percys bbq burrito mk


Y’know when the food is so good everyone stops talking and only eats? This one’s a conversation stopper. Dessert on the other hand is an ‘MMMMM!’ inducer, in the form of delicious, cream filled, lemon whoopie pies.


Percys bbq lemon whoopie pie

percys whoopie pie milton keynes

I’m now sat on the sofa drifting in and out of a food coma. Oh yes. Happy customers are we!

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Jamie November 20, 2012 - 11:15 am

Ive never wanted a Percy’s more.


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