China Town London

by Jo Kenny

Its been a while since we went on a trip to London so pay day seemed like a good excuse to wonder in for some Chinese food.

Not that we could have picked a worse day for it, Winter seemed to come over night and it was FREEZING! Icy winds and rain meant one thing: eat the cold away.

First port of call after arriving in Euston was seeking refuge in Four Seasons.


Four seasons covent garden


Thank God the service is quick, minutes after sitting down there was a steaming hot bowl of wonton soup in front of me.


Four seasons covent garden wonton soup


I love wontons in Winter; they’re all squishy and hearty. Total comfort food! Our main course as always was Four Season’s delicious array of pork with sweet soy and sticky white rice, accompanied by a portion (okay two portions) of Peking dumplings.


Four seasons covent garden pork


Four seasons covent garden dumplings


Fueled for action we wondered in and out of the shops for a few hours, before deciding it was time for another pit stop. So off we went to Boba Jam for some bubble tea. Aren’t we predictable?!

You know I have such affection for Boba Jam. When me and Mr YumDimSum first started visiting Covent Garden Boba Jam was a pokey little unit with nothing but a counter and one tiny table. They were forever venturing onto the street with tasters for people getting off the buses to try. They then expanded into the unit next door and had a number of cute little diner-style booths. This time we walked through the door to find that not only were all the booths crammed, they’ve got a basement level too! The sub-level was dark with disco lighting and a little Karaoke room.

The menu remains the same: endless flavours and combinations to pick one awesome drink. I chose Kiwi green tea juice.


boba jam bubble tea London


Aaaaand some waffles!


Boba jam london waffles


Asides from me & Mr YumDimSum muttering “There’s no seats for us, but we discovered this place first!” we’re really happy for this awesome little business and how well they’re doing. Why not check it out next time you’re in the neighbourhood?


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