Peppi’s Sauce

by Jo Kenny

Don’t you just love it when you get exciting post? I recently came home to find a package waiting for me in the lobby, it was from a lovely lady called Allison. She sells home made ‘Peppi’s’ hot sauce in Milton Keynes and sent me a bottle to try. After reading the business card, I delved in and pulled out a big bottle of exciting, fiery orange sauce.

Peppis hot sauce Milton Keynes business card

Now, let us not forget that I’m a bit of a Korma Queen, a lemon & herb lover, a cool salsa soldier if you will! So as excited as I was to try this, I knew I wasn’t the best authority to do so. I needed back up from the biggest hot sauce heads I know: Mr Yumdimsum’s family! You’ve never known hot sauce enthusiasts like them, and being regular brewers of their own mighty potent Guyanese recipe, they were the perfect judging panel.

Peppis hot sauce Milton Keynes

Getting invited to dinner at Mr Yumdimsum’s aunty & uncle’s home is a pretty big deal, because they both cook up the most delicious meals. I don’t think I’ve ever left their house with anything less than that, “I don’t think I could eat ever again” feeling. This time we came over for a home made (home made!) Chinese buffet, and soon after arriving a big pot of oil was set to sizzle and a huge pile of home made wontons were being lovingly dropped in for frying.

Yum Dim Sum homemade wontons Peppis hot sauce Milton Keynes 2

These wontons are usually served with a sweet chilli dip, but oh so conveniently turned out to be a great edible spoon for trying out Peppi’s sauce, which the family eagerly got stuck into.

Yum Dim Sum homemade wontons Peppis hot sauce Milton Keynes 3

Now before you all think I wimped out completely, I did try some. As a non spice lover I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Peppi’s. My main gripe with spicy food is that so often it seems hot for the sake of being hot and doesn’t taste of anything other than pain. Horrible, bitter pain. Peppi’s of course being hot sauce was as you would expect it: extremely bloody hot! But, I was impressed that in addition there was an awful lot of flavour I could get on board with. It has this lovely smoky taste and a strong after taste of mustard.

The experts opinion (and the one that really matters here) was positive too. The family thought Peppi’s was well balanced and spicy without being overwhelming. Naturally, they all insisted theirs was better. Show offs 😛

Peppi’s sauce has been running for nearly a year now and comes in two flavours: medium and hot. Being such a robust and almost earthy flavour on top of spicy I think these would work well in casseroles and stews. An original stocking filler for the spice fiend in your life too! You can contact Peppi’s though Twitter.

Peppis hot sauce Milton Keynes 2

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Gemma October 16, 2013 - 9:18 am

This sauce is the bees knees of sauces, truly scrumptious. Great review


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