Mr Kipling Oat Slices

by Jo Kenny

Does anyone else find Mr Kipling really nostalgic? When I think back to my childhood they were always knocking about; I remember that picnics with my family always included a pack of country slices and my Friday lunch box always came with a lemon slice wrapped in cling film. Those were my favourite!

I’m guilty of viewing Mr Kipling in some kind of a time warp: If I ever buy them I have tunnel vision for the classics and don’t even bother looking at whether anything new is out.┬áBut there’s a new cake on the scene, I discovered when I was sent some of their new oat slices to try.

Mr Kipling review cranberry orange oat slices

mr kipling cake review oat slices

They come in two flavours: cranberry and orange or dark chocolate and coconut. As the flavours suggest they’re going for a more wholesome, rustic vibe. The taste is very much tailored towards an every-day-treat; these are much less sweet and sugary than the cakes I’m used to from Mr K. The oats make them nice and dense and they’ve got a good bite to them, which I really like because nothing makes me sadder than a treat that’s over in seconds.┬áThese are very satisfying, and filling too!

Mr Kipling dark chocolate slices

The cranberry and orange ones were my favourite and they’ve got a natural sweet flavour that’s not overpowering. I feel the need to confirm to all the cautious coconut eaters (I know there are a lot of you out there) that the dark choc and coconut slices are very subtle. Definitely no coconut texture either!

I adore the Mr Kipling classics, but I think these oaty slices are a welcome addition to the family, taking on a more modern approach with more wholesome ingredients. Lovely with a cup of chai tea!

Disclosure: This is a paid post. As always all thoughts are my own.

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