by Jo Kenny

Hands up if you have a local curry house that you spend quite a few Friday nights at? I… kind of have that. The one I frequent isn’t exactly local; it’s 11 miles away! Wonderful, but not ideal for keeping it easy. I guess I’ve never fully bonded with the ones closer to me, mainly because they still aren’t that close. So I was pretty chuffed when this new Indian restaurant, Maaya, opened up right in the centre of my home town, just a 5 minute drive and even better right among the bars!

Speaking of bars, their opening night was a free one and every food lover, family member and VIP came.

Maaya opening night milton keynes

Maaya indian milton keynes 1

I bumped into Franzi who runs the MK Food Revolution and we met in person for the first time!

Maaya opening night

Now as lovely as their blackberry bramble cocktails were, I was more interested in how the food tasted, so they invited me back for round two.

Maaya milton keynes curry

In typical Indian restaurant fashion, the setting was dark and moody with red and orange lighting. A nice space to eat in, though I apologise for the quality of photos… not so blogger friendly!

maaya curry milton keynes

Maaya milton keynes indian

maaya milton keynes lamb

maaya naan bread milton keynes

Giant, fluffy naan breads left whole for you to tear off chunks and dip into rich curry sauce. Light rice with flecks of sweet fried onions. Generous spiced lamb chops; gloriously meaty and tender. Thick, chunky mango chutney dolloped onto equally thick poppadoms. It’s safe to say the food ticked all the boxes of a very good quality curry experience.

I think this might be a point of call next time I want to line my stomach with something tasty before a night out!

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