Christmas Day.

by Jo Kenny

Christmas dinner. THE best meal of the year. Bar none. If someone told me I had to choose between the food or the presents on Christmas day, I would always go for the food! There’s nothing like coming down from your room in the morning and smelling that gigantic turkey beast cooking away in the oven. Our day always starts off with a traditional champagne breakfast with smoked salmon, scrambled egg & croissants. Smoked salmon is my favourite, when everyone is done taking meagre little portions I always end up finishing off the plate!


Smoked salmon


Digestion and more champagne then takes place during present time! (I may pick food over presents but I’m still a huge fan of them!)


Christmas Day presents


And after hours of waiting come Christmas dinner with ALL the trimmings. I cannot tell you how delicious everything smells at this point.


Pigs in blankets


Christmas Day turkey


Turkey bacon


Christmas bread sauce


Christmas day potatoes


pigs in blankets cabbage


Parsnips and carrots


Roast potatoes


Christmas turkey


Christmas dinner


Christmas dinner plate


Christmas lunch


After hours of cooking Christmas dinner always seems to go in a flash. I think the excitement of waiting ruins any ability to pace yourself. After consuming a mountain of meat, turkey and cranberry sauce (and picking at the leftovers) it’s onto that classic Christmas pudding!


Christmas pudding 2


Christmas pudding 3





And the final stop on the glutton express? Why cheese of course! This gorgeous slate cheeseboard was a present we got for my parents, it comes with a chalk for you to write/draw whatever you please- I went for messages a little less sophisticated! We got it from a beautiful little boutique in Winslow that I cannot recommend enough for home wares. Check out their online store here.


Cheese slate board


I finished Christmas feeling both horrified and proud at the amount I had eaten. We spent the rest of the evening digesting by the fire and candle light.


Chrstmas candles


I’m sure we’re all feeling a bit sluggish after the festivities. Yum Dim Sum will be offering up lots of healthy dishes and ideas for the New Year! Merry Christmas one and all!



Steph Lightfoot January 4, 2013 - 2:02 pm

Your Christmas Dinner looks insane JO!!!! Why is not Christmas for longer?!x

Jo January 4, 2013 - 9:21 pm

When we popped out for lunch today I was walking around the shop moaning, “If it was still Christmas I’d be allowed to buy that massive block of brie..” “If it was still Christmas I would totally be picking up that packet of biscuits…” etc. January suuuuuucks, bring back the turkey!


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