Christmas Decorations

by Jo Kenny

Lemon orange cover

This one’s an opinion divider. You’ll probably hate this if you’re a contemporary lover; the kind of person who’s Christmas colours are silver, who throws plastic bags out as soon as they’re empty, who loves the minimal interiors on Grand Designs. However, if you’ve got a habit for hoarding, tradition and secretly love watching Kirty’s Homemade Home this will 100% be your thing!

I started hanging dried fruit on our Christmas tree a couple of years ago and I love it. They’re very easy to make, they smell incredible and it’ll set you back less than a couple of quid! First of all grab yourself an orange & lemon and slice them thinly.

Orange lemon Christmas decoration

Slice lemon for christmas decoration

Sliced orange for christmas decoration

Sliced orange lemon christmas decoration

Put them on a lightly greased tray and into the oven at 150 degrees for roughly 45 minutes, flipping halfway through. Be ready for your house to smell of Christmas!

Orange lemon Christmas decoration baking tray

The result is dried oranges & lemons that have lost their moisture but kept their colour. They will still be slightly gummy at this stage, but fully drying them in the oven can discolour the fruit. All you have to do now is thread some string or ribbon through them and hang them on your tree!

Orange christmas decoration 2

Orange christmas decoration 4

Orange christmas decoration 5

Orange christmas decoration 3

Christmas fruit 6

Give this a go over the next week and get some more festive vibes into your home!

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