by Jo Kenny

Next Christmas idea comes in the form of personalised goodies. I do enjoy something you can inject a bit of style into, something that shows the person you’re giving to that you tried a bit harder than average. So if you’re looking for an edible personalised gift you might just like Yucoco. They’re an online company who make custom handmade chocolate bars and they offered me the chance to make my own. Let me tell you, it was difficult. Their website is really user friendly but oh wow do they have a lot of choice!

Your bar can be white, milk, dark or a combination of all three… and then there’s the toppings. There’s so many to chose from and picking just 5 was agonising! You could go sophisticated with dried fruits and nuts, or indulge your inner child with pick & mix classics. They’ve got some lovely festive decorations too.

Yucoco personalised chocolate bar review

Yucoco personalised chocolate bar review toppings

Yucoco personalised chocolate bar review milk type

I’m a sucker for sweets so couldn’t resist some gummy bears! The bar initially looks quite small in the box but you can see how thick it is once you remove it.

Yucoco personalised milk chocolate bar review

Toppings aren’t shy either!

Yucoco personalised chocolate bar review topping

I was pleasantly surprised by the chocolate which is seriously good. I admit I was half expecting cheap chocolate, like the kind you get in an unbranded advent calendar?! I was totally wrong, the bar is deliciously smooth and creamy, very similar to Galaxy which I loooove.

You can make one of these bars for well under a tenner, mine cost around £7.00, I think that’s pretty good value for what you get! I think these make a lovely little gift and would be ideal for things like Secret Santas as well. Last minute shoppers will be pleased to know you can get bars delivered in a couple of days. Ideal!

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