Christmas Number 2

by Jo Kenny

Creamypotoatoes cover

I’ve been a bad blogger, I know. Before resuming form properly I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to (eating).

If you follow me on Twitter you’d have heard me talking about Christmas number two. You see, my poor grandparents fell victim to the dreaded norovirus right around Christmas, so instead of coming to visit us they spent the festive season feeling rotton with no presents or food. Preposterous! So as soon as they were feeling better we invited them down for Christmas number two, complete with presents and all the foodie trimmings!

Remember those oils & vinegars we got at Waddesdon? We finally cracked them open and devoured them with piles of rustic french stick for dipping. Just as delicious as I remembered them at the market!

Alan Coxon macadamia nut oil

Alan Coxon oil vinegar french stick

Creamy potatoes

Mother Yumdimsum’s dauphinoise potatoes. Always photo worthy.

Bread pudding

This mighty looking beast is a bread pudding. It’s a Welsh recipe made from tonnes of fruit and designed to use up left over bread. It probably weighs the same as the entire planet; hearty war-food this is!

Retro fondue set

Christmas number 2 also brought with it a surprise gift from my grandparents, in the form of a hilariously retro 70’s fondue set! They don’t use it any more and thought I might like it, they thought right! Can’t wait to host a cheese party now, complete with bad 70’s facial hair and collars!

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