Celebrating at ME London

by Jo Kenny

As if I hadn’t heard about it enough over the last few months, the end of the world happened recently.

Q turned 30.

I get it: saying good bye to a decade and entering a scary new one that seems so much more grown up… Personally I think the thirties are going to be incredible, we have so much planned! But thinking about the here and now, I knew that I needed to make sure this birthday was a good one; a pain-free, fun-filled transition into the next milestone!


Planning this birthday became an exercise in obsessing over finding the best damn places in London. Endless lunch breaks pouring over Trip Advisor, bookatable and blog posts I finally decided on one of the most contemporary Hotels that London has to offer.

ME hotel has never been on our radar and for the life of me I do not know why. It’s well established, sitting pretty and inconspicuously on The Strand, hiding behind its insignificant concrete exterior an absolutely incredible sensory experience.


As the door is pulled open on your arrival, you’re instantly hit with a sensual fragrance which follows you throughout the hotel, they must be pumping it through the air conditioning! Reception is on the first floor and as you glide along marble floor, past sculptural columns of metal and enter an increasingly black area to catch the lift, it feels as though you are boarding a space craft.


The lobby is without doubt the mo