Anchor Smokehouse

by Jo Kenny

Of all the things I’ve been sent in the post, a great big delivery of fish has to be up there as one of the most unusual! I didn’t know such a service even existed, but it’s one that a traditional smokehouse in Suffolk provide and they sent me some of their produce to try.

Anchor Smokehouse have been smoking for 130 years and as well as fish they sell smoked vegetables and hampers through their online shop. They sent me a brilliant selection of fish; from haddock, to kippers, smoked salmon to mackerel. I absolutely adore smoked salmon, it’s one of my favourite foods! Anything smoked is delicious, but the flavour I think lends itself especially well to fish.

Anchor Smokehouse Suffolk instagram

But alas, living with someone who hates fish I rarely get to eat it myself! (Cue violin) However each fish portion I received was vacuum packed which actually made it very easy to enjoy on my own. As it’s cured it lasts a long time and because it’s in sealed packaging I don’t have my fish-hating other half complaining about any smell. Personally I think smoked fish smells amazing but there you go! I’ve been enjoying the hot roasted salmon fillets as a quick and easy work lunch, they’ve made a seriously welcome change from chicken! I’ve been posting pics of my lunches on Instagram

Anchor Smokehouse Suffolk delivery lunches

On the weekends I couldn’t resist having the smoked salmon strips with classic scrambled egg. It comes in nice thick slices and was lovely and fresh. The smoke flavour on this is more delicate, which I think is right.

Anchor Smokehouse Suffolk smoked salmon cover

Anchor Smokehouse Suffolk smoked salmon

Not wanting to leave Mr YDS out completely, I transformed the smoked haddock fillet (a little too large to tackle alone) into a form he’d eat: fish fingers!

I removed the skin and cut the haddock into chunky strips. Dipping in egg infused with grated ginger then rolling in panko breadcrumbs I baked them for 15 minutes at 180c. Smoky fish fingers are delish, definitely give it a try!

Anchor Smokehouse Suffolk fish fingers

I’ve been massively impressed by the quality and flavour of the fish I’ve been sent. It’s made work lunches so much more exciting and because there’s no cooking required it’s meant very quick meals too. The portions are very generous and filling, healthy eating has actually been a breeze with this lot in my fridge ready to go!

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