Zizzi Dessert Pizza

by Jo Kenny

When I saw the Zizzi’s dessert pizza advertised on the Summer menu, I couldn’t help but wonder why this hasn’t been more of a thing before now. It’s just such an obvious idea! Well done Zizzi’s for making it happen, and well done me for winning a little Twitter competition to try one on the house!

Zizzi dolce dessert pizza coffee

I’ve decided I very much like going out for dessert & coffee, it makes me feel like I’m on holiday.

Zizzi dolce dessert pizza coffee cap

We ordered cappuccinos with our pizza and were really impressed. I’ve never had a coffee from Zizzi before but it was strong and smooth with lots of chocolate on top. Love those insulated glass cups too!

Zizzi dolce dessert pizza strawberries chocolate marshmallows

Okay, dessert pizza! It’s a hand stretched pizza dough base, dusted with icing sugar and topped with melted mini marshmallows, strawberry slices and a healthy drizzle of chocolate sauce which tastes very similar to Nutella. Given the ingredients this is delicious by default, who doesn’t like chocolate & strawberries? It’s nothing fancy, but given Zizzi is a family restaurant it’s perfectly suited to being a sweet & simple crowd pleaser. We certainly polished off ours with no complaints!

Zizzi dolce dessert pizza chocolate marshmallow strawberry

This is definitely a dessert to share though, you wouldn’t want to tackle this on your own. I can only imagine how difficult that would be if you’ve just enjoyed a pizza for your main course! At £5.95 it makes sense to order one for the table and all get stuck in, fighting over the piece with the most chocolate sauce or the last strawberry!

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