Woburn Brasserie

by Jo Kenny

“Come on, you’re the food blogger.” is something I hear all too often from friends and family nowadays. Whenever dinner plans are made I’m put in charge of deciding and booking the perfect place to eat. No pressure! Last weekend my duties came around for a family meal; grandma was visiting and apparently desperate for a fillet steak.

Following the recent results of the MK Food Awards I was keen to try out the Woburn Brasserie, which I’ve never visited but having just won restaurant of the year, I felt we had to try it. Despite their coveted title, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous walking into the unknown with a family to impress. I found myself thinking as I walked in, “Please be good, please be good!”

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review

It’s a pretty little place; simple but lovingly adorned with decorative touches. I looked around nervously for imperfections as we waited for my family to arrive. The tables were a little cramped. The lights were flickering. Some diners were a bit loud. But my family arrived in good spirits and I allowed myself to relax… that is until grandma looked up from the menu and announced that there was no fillet steak.


Better order some bread. Bread makes everything better.

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review bread

Huh, well that’s a damn sight better than your average offering of bread. A big pile of different styles, still warm and served with oil, balsamic vinegar and hummous. The tomato bread in particular was delicious, I ate far more than you should before embarking on three courses!

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review goats cheese

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review tagine

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review crayfish

As one of my favourite foods, goats cheese can do no wrong in my eyes. My goats cheese and red onion tart wasn’t the most delicious I’d ever had, being a little dryer than expected, but the hearty cheesy portion was appreciated. The crayfish starter seemed to be the winner, both in taste and presentation.

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review chicken

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review pork belly

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review sea bass

All mains were well cooked with generous portions. Given my trepidation at the beginning of the meal you can imagine my relief as the chicken supreme was described as, “One of the nicest restaurant meals I’ve had in a long time.” Praise doesn’t get much better than that!

Mr YDS & I both ordered the blade of beef…

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review blade of beef

Now, this dish ain’t pretty. It’s dark and sloppy and colourless. But the flavours were so delicious! A real comforting dish with a rich bacon and cabbage sauce, humble mash and that giant, melting beef. I’m talking seriously tender…

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review beef

Oof! A perfect dish for the ravenous!

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review cheeseboard

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review eton mess

Others tackled larger desserts, I opted for a dainty vanilla panna cotta.

Woburn Brasserie restaurant review pannacotta

Light. Cool. Creamy. More restaurants should serve panna cotta it’s a brilliant end to a meal!

At this point I’m leaning back in my chair, one hand on my incredibly full stomach (I’m so attractive) and soaking up the praise of what a great meal everyone had enjoyed. Best of all, grandma had forgotten all about her steak craving. I’m not sure the Woburn Brasserie gets my vote as best restaurant in MK, but it’s a humble little gem nonetheless and one I’d happily return to.

Well, that’s my food reputation safe until next time!

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