The Upbeat Protein Challenge

by Jo Kenny

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll have noticed that 2015 has seen my eating habits take one seriously healthy turn. The reason? The classic of course: holidays! But as a massive food lover, I have zero interest in associating healthy food with being boring. Tasty recipes and snacks are key to keeping me interested! I was recently invited to take part in the Upbeat protein challenge and I was happy to hop on board with the prospect of trying something new!

Upbeat protein review meal plan challenge

It all began one cold evening with a delivery of a weeks worth of healthy food to prep me for the challenge. How great is that? There was even some of my favourite foods like smoked salmon, feta and blueberries. Yum!

So what’s the challenge all about? Well, Upbeat is a new protein dairy drink and the challenge is to follow their high protein meal plan and swap some snacks & post-workout foods for a bottle of Upbeat.

Upbeat protein review meal plan challenge cous cous

Upbeat protein review meal plan challenge noodles

Upbeat protein review meal plan challenge oats banana

Upbeat protein review meal plan challenge salmon

As you can see I’ve been eating very well! No meal was the same and all packed with tasty stuff.

Upbeat protein review twitter

You can find Upbeat in the chilled drinks section in big supermarkets. Along with Strawberry and blueberry & raspberry flavours there’s also a mango flavour, though I’ll be damned if I could find it!

I’m back to gymming five times a week both weights and cardio, which leaves me feeling ever so tired and achey! Usually if I’m suffering I’ll have a glass of man-spec protein shake that Mr YDS whips up, so I did wonder whether Upbeat would do as good a job at aiding recovery. I was however impressed to read that each bottle of Upbeat packs a very respectable 20g of protein.

Upbeat protein review strawberry flavour

Oh and by the way. They taste AMAZING! Lovely and creamy, fruity and satisfying. A wonderful change from whey powders where I find myself trying to make it taste good by blending in bananas, which of course ramps up the calories. These Upbeat drinks taste great with natural fruit purées and only 146 calories, which is a big plus for me.

The meal plan I followed was delicious and gave me some great new easy recipes. I’ve always been big on eating a lot of protein so whilst the challenge didn’t necessarily change my hunger levels or how I felt, the drinks definitely helped with my recovery from exercise and were a much tastier way of doing so!

I did also learn a few interesting protein facts:

  • 20g protein is the equivalent of 3 eggs
  • Muscle health starts to decline as early as 35 years old. High protein diets counter this!
  • Muscles are renewed every 2 months. Protein should be consumed every day to support this process.
  • Protein plays a key role in the immune system.

oh, and did I mention I lost 2lbs whilst doing this challenge? 😀

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