Things That I Learned in Lockdown(s)

by Jo Kenny

Ah yes. There’s nothing like being locked down with little to do and not much to look forward to for a nice bit of self reflection to arise.

Life became incredibly mundane in these times, huh? But even in the mundane there’s lessons and improvements to be had. Perhaps some of the most important. I learnt a surprising amount about myself and my lifestyle when I was stuck in the house for weeks on end.

I wonder if you discovered some of these lockdown lessons yourself, let me know!

It’s highly unlikely that the cupboards are bare.

My threshold for deciding that there isn’t any food in the house has changed dramatically. I realise what I was saying before was that there wasn’t any food that I really fancied right then and there.

I suppose its the curse of the food lover that I want every meal to really hit the spot, to satisfy my tastebuds in a particular way. When convenience of popping to the local shops is removed, suddenly you have to reassess what it really is to have no ingredients.

Necessity really is the mother of invention.

Even as someone who loves to cook I can fall into the trap of convenience sometimes. There’s nothing like a shortage of pasta or bread from all the panic buying to force you into doing what you were quire capable of all along and making your own.

And it’s so much more satisfying! I daresay, not always that much more time consuming either. Flatbreads for certain are a very speedy recipe and require no niche ingredients to make.

I think many people took the opportunity of more time and less convenience in lockdown to make things from scratch and it was so nice to see! #lockdownbaking and #Quarantinecooking have been some of my favourite hashtags to follow people’s home cooking adventures.

Fancy homemade pasta? How about tortillas? Check out my how-to’s:

I used to eat way too much of my money.

After financial responsibilities are taken care of, we should all be free to spend our money however it makes us happy to do so. But taking a step back from my usual routine of eating out at restaurants and cafes numerous times a week gave me one serious wake up call. Suddenly, I was left with significantly more money at the end of each month.

Before the lockdowns I would eat out every weekend, usually more than once. When a £60 dinner date each weekend is no longer on the cards, nor the £20 breakfasts and coffee stops, the bank balance goes down a lot slower.

From now on I’ll be enjoying meals out, it is after all a pass time that I absolutely love. But I’ll be looking for more of a balance, I’d like to continue not eating all of my money!

A clean kitchen makes a sane cook.

I’ve always believed this. Clean as you go for your sanity! Especially if you have a small kitchen like me.

But with being in the house more and cooing for every meal, the kitchen sure does get messier faster. Regular wipe downs and clearing the sink/dishwasher makes a real difference to enjoying cooking, not to mention your home.

I really do love being at home.

Truly I sympathised with the extroverts going through lockdown. I can only imagine how tough no social interaction was for those who thrive off of it.

As an introvert and homebody I know that I had a much easier time coping, and even I had my moments of climbing the walls! Though admittedly they were few and far between.

Home is absolutely where my heart is though, and I have realised how much I want to continue spending time here, rather than in an office. My motivation was completely sapped at times through lockdown… did anyone else find this? But the desire to change my lifestyle so I can be at home more remains a very strong new ambition of mine.

What is life without good food?

Good meals and great cooking has been a huge, huge source of entertainment and happiness. I cannot fathom a life where I did not look forward to my next meal.  Nor one where I saw food as fuel, or even worse, the enemy.

I have adored cooking at home more: experimenting with flavours, coming up with dozens of new recipes, using leftovers in innovative ways… it’s been a blast! The lockdowns have only amplified my love for cooking.

I started a hashtag on Instagram where you can share your delicious meals: #cookiteatitliveit. Use this hashtag for any of my recipes that you try and I will save them to my profile!

Lockdown: a few of my favourite things:

  • No commuting costs: lots of money saved and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • More time in the weekday evenings for cooking at leisure.
  • Baking, just because.
  • Spending significantly more time with my husband and cats.
  • Getting tagged in recipes you have tried (my favourite thing ever!)
  • Focusing on writing my first cook book.
  • Lots more beauty sleep
  • Actually adopting a skincare routine, and seeing the benefits.
  • Leisurely lunches in the garden (the good old days of lockdown 1)
  • The huge excitement of a delivery from the excessive online shopping.

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