The Mountains Are Calling… For A Staycation

by Jo Kenny

Throughout the months we have spent in lockdown I feel hugely thankful to be introverted. I miss my small circle of close friends and family dearly but staying at home has felt manageable. I can’t say the same for my more extroverted friends who miss life at a chaotic pace! Saying that, I am absolutely ready to experience outside of my own four walls now. All I can think about it experiencing nature. Not the kind of nature I see on my local walks but real, large scale, breathtaking nature. MOUNTAINS.

Lake District

It’s been a few years since I visited the Lake District and it had been (no, is!) a plan of mine to visit in 2020. Specifically, I have craved the idea of renting a little boat and a cabin on Lake Windermere. It looks so wonderfully peaceful. The thought of sitting out on one of those jetties that stretches out into the calm waters, with my phone firmly switched off and maybe a red wine and a book really feels like a visual and mental escape I need to experience soon.

I love that the Lake District has such a great variety of hikes that can take you down by the waters, undulating over hills or way up high. Of course, way up high is my favourite! I really recommend the Dove Crags which I climbed a few years ago. It has a great mix of grassland, rocky trails, steep climbs and beautiful views down into the valley below.


Yes, the entire damn country. I miss Scotland SO MUCH, it hurts my heart! It’s been 18 months since I was last there and it is my number one priority as travel becomes more of an option. I desperately want to experience Glen Coe in the Summer months; I last visited when the mountains were capped with snow and we hiked up into the snow covered ‘Lost Valley’. Just beautiful! I wonder how it looks covered in green trees and moss..

“The Mountains are calling and I must go.” is a quote I adore because it rings so true for me. I have no idea why but mountains really stir something inside me. I love to do battle with my burning lungs and legs, then look back and admire how far I’ve climbed.   Too bad I live in the flattest part of the entire country huh..! With my two favourite places to hike being a 4-6 hour drive from me it’ll be a guaranteed weekend away to enjoy these. Sounds good to me; I am ready to experience a new set of four walls. Are you?

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