The B&A at Byron

by Jo Kenny

I’m a pretty adventurous eater. If I’m trying something new I’m not the kind of person who stares at it on their fork, then gives it a sniff, before shaving off the tiniest bit with their front tooth (UGH this behaviour is the worst). Instead I’ll shove it in my gob knowing there’s a 99% chance I’ll like it. In fact, I only recall one disastrous moment in my life with an offensively slimy mouthful of okra. *Shudder*

Anyway, despite being the ‘I’ll try anything’ type, I’m very much a creature of habit when it comes to menus. Goat’s cheese? Gotta have it. Korma? You betcha. At chain restaurants I know exactly what I like and don’t detract.

Well, my local Byron Burger asked be to do just that and come and try their Summer special: the B&A.

Byron burger milton keynes special

No prizes for guessing that the B&A is filled with bacon and avocado. Specifically, dry cure bacon, guacamole, roasted green bell peppers, cheese, pickled red onions, Byron sauce and shredded iceberg. A tasty description, though it took all my might not to order my favourite The Smokey!

byron burger milton keynes review

byron burger milton keynes nachos

byron burger milton keynes nachos starter

So my usual visits to Byron are a purely burger affair. But I thought since we were doing a review, I’d better explore some other stuff on the menu. I mean I’m already going off piste with the burger, let’s get crazy and order some nachos! It was a good move, though a dangerous one as a giant plate of tortilla chips piled high with cheese and generous dollops of guacamole, salsa and cool sour cream arrived. Good God I love sour cream. Nachos are such a fun sharing plate; I love the “No I was gonna have that one next!” battles that arise!

byron burger milton keynes B&A special

Okay so here it is, peaking out for its debut. The B&A burger! Overall it’s your pretty standard burger filling, but Byron have switched it up with the addition of earthy roasted green peppers and tangy pickled onions. It’s the layer of pickled onions that makes it; lifting that deep smokey bacon and cool avocado with a zingy punch. This one’s a messy beast, so hold on tight.

byron burger milton keynes B&A review

Q’s B-Rex looked glorious as always. Glistening with juicy meat and cheese. seriously look at that cheese!


byron burger milton keynes bacon cheese fries

We also ordered another new addition to the menu in the form of bacon cheese fries. Utterly filthy and utterly satisfying. Byron have their own ‘Freddar’ cheese which is basically as far removed from actual cheese as you can get, but it definitely falls under the ‘so wrong but so right’ umbrella.

byron burger milton keynes onion rings

So the B&A was good, it really was… but The Smokey is still my favourite! Gah I can’t help it, my brain has bonded! Byron always manage to get their food out quick (At least, my one does!) and I went from ravenous to stuffed in no time at all. Instant, finger licking burger gratification. No matter how hungry I am Byron always defeats me. Always! I rolled home ready for some cheese fuelled dreams.

Disclosure: our meal was complimentary. As always all thoughts are my own.

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