SuperStar Korean BBQ

by Jo

Wow it’s cold at the moment; Winter has finally made a show at the last minute! It wasn’t long after hopping off the train that my legs were starting to go numb as we wondered the streets of London on a particularly crisp day (skirt was a terrible choice).

superstar korean bbq london streets

Our lunch date was at SuperStar Korean BBQ, a relatively new restaurant that invited me down to try out the lunch menu. They’re located in St Giles and neighbouring some very stiff East Asian competition (Kanada Ya, anyone?)

Superstar korean bbq london review

superstar korean bbq restaurant london

superstar korean bbq lights london

superstar korean bbq london Q

I really like the tall, glazed units in St Giles; you’re still among the action save for a piece of glass and the restaurants are gloriously bright as a result. SuperStar Korean BBQ is really good looking without being over lavish. It’s simple and clean, much like the food!

superstar korean bbq london bar

So Korean BBQ is a lot of fun; you order your meat (you can get veg too, but y’know, don’t do that) and it comes with numerous sides. Your table has a little built-in grill which you use to sear and sizzle and cook your food. It’s very entertaining!

superstar korean bbq london meat

superstar korean bbq london salad

superstar korean bbq london beef

SuperStar BBQ slice their meat nice and thin for speedy cooking. We got a tasty spread of belly pork, garlic sirloin, beef boolgogi and spicy pork. A minute or two each side and it’s ready to whip off and dunk into delicious chilli garlic sauce, or any of the other sauces that you’re served. All of the meat was tender, juicy and soft.

superstar korean bbq london grilling

Superstar korean bbq london chopsticks

Superstar korean bbq london bowl

The staff at SuperStar Korean BBQ (it’s quite a mouthful isn’t it!) were ever so efficient; we were sat, fed and watered within an hour along with plenty of other busy lunchtime Londoners. It’s a good place to come for an informal meal that’s not too fussy but still has a little something about it. It’s also an ideal spot for the health conscious among us; everything you eat is simple and unprocessed. Meat, rice, salad, miso soup: nothing to feel guilty about there! And all for a reasonable, central London price of £19.50 a head.

Superstar korean bbq london staff

Superstar korean bbq london covent garden

We left satisfied but not over fed, and me & my skirt stayed friends as a result… I daresay I could have even invited the super skinny jeans and had no arguments!

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