Summer in The Hub

by Jo Kenny

Us Brits have been very patient over the last few years. After countless seasons with nothing but rain it seems we may FINALLY be getting a Summer! Two weeks into the heat wave and the entire country still seems anxious to enjoy every drop of sunshine, me & Mr YumDimSum have been no different and took a break from BBQ’s (don’t worry, we had one the very next day to catch up!) to go enjoy dinner al fresco in Milton Keynes’ Hub.

Hub Milton Keynes

For 90% of the year the giant courtyard all the restaurants of the Hub look onto goes unused as a stark, empty space. Methinks the architect of the Hub was a little too optimistic when it came to the British weather! But on warm Summer evenings when tables are brought outside, the Hub gets a little more life breathed into it. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to see people outside instead of huddled indoors!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen menu

Guess the restaurant?

Gourmet Burger Kitchen peanuts

How about now? Peanuts make for an excellent accompaniment to people watching.

Hub Milton Keynes Summer

Without doubt the best people watching in the Hub comes from the children attacking the water fountain. Another element rendered useless for most of the year, but it seems to earn it’s keep when the sun comes out!

Milton Keynes the Hub

I admit it’s pretty hard not to smirk just a little at the child, who amid the many who were expecting a stream of water to shoot up from the ground, wasn’t. 😛

Anyway. Burger time.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen water

Cheese bacon burger gourmet burger kitchen Milton Keynes The Hub

I went for the classic cheese & bacon burger. Oh and onion rings. Always onion rings.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Milton Keynes onion rings

Don’t waste the Summer, get outside and savour it!

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Joy July 20, 2013 - 4:32 pm

Mmmm gbk!


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