Show & Tell

by Jo Kenny

I like to take photos of my food. A lot. I’m that person at your table who sheepishly sneaks out their phone to immortalise their meal before digging in.

So here’s a little show & tell of my foodie adventures over the last month!

GBK burger The Don

You know, I never used to go to Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The Milton Keynes restaurant started out with the most unwelcoming, minimalist white interior & flourescent lighting. I think they were going for contemporary diner, but instead they resembled a hospital. For that reason we never gave it a second look. But after a couple of years (and far too many empty tables) they took the wise decision to refurb with exposed brick, distressed wood and soft spotlights. The custom they get now is like night and day; just goes to show you eat with your eyes!
Anyway, becoming one of the many who now feel like dining there I’ve become a big fan of ‘The Don’: a big fat burger topped with American and blue cheese, bacon aioli, onion jam, mustard mayo and a ball of rocket.

Double cheese & triple condiments? Yes please!

Wetherspoons gourmet beef burger

And from one great burger to another, good old Wetherspoons and their gourmet beef burger! I love that they now serve these fat boys on a wooden board! Now, if we could all just take a moment to look at all that gooey blue cheese…

Taipan mango pudding Milton Keynes

Lovely fresh mango pudding from Taipan in Milton Keynes’ theatre district. It’s literally just puréed mango with gelatine to make it set, and I can’t get enough of it!

Garlic butter rosemary

Lazy cooking in foil. Crushed garlic, a little butter & fresh rosemary. Bake pork or chicken in a little package of this for 20 minutes and you’ve got yourself an incredibly simple meal that took 30 seconds to prepare! Lazy mid-week cooking is the only way, let’s be honest!

Pork chops keto bread low carb dinner

Cheeky little low carb dinner complete with lovely herby keto bread! If you want to have a go at this great bread substitute, check out the recipe

Cafe Rouge the Hub Milton Keynes breakfast tea

I celebrated a friend’s birthday this weekend, and the morning after all I wanted was a nice cup of tea! I did get mocked for being so English, but my God if a tea doesn’t make you feel better!

Taipan Milton Keynes dim sum steamed prawns

Straight after my tea I needed food to cure me. Yep, you guessed it. Dim Sum time! It sounds like such pretentious hangover food when the social norm is to get something like KFC or pizza, but it honestly is the best food to have. Maybe it’s all that steam, but teamed with a hot cup of jasmine tea (yes more tea!) it just makes you feel alive again!

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Shaz July 3, 2013 - 9:55 pm

GBK is the one! I loooove their burgers!

I want to go out and buy loads of dim sum and burgers now.


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