Sakura, Southsea

by Jo Kenny

Sakura Portsmouth

I’m going to start by saying that this place is just great. I really love Sakura Portsmouth, both for both the food and the nostalgia. My husband and I used to come here all the time, but now that we live further away it’s been nothing more than a fond memory. Four years since we last visited we happened to be down by the South coast, so we made a point of stopping by one of our favourite restaurants from our time in Portsmouth.

Sakura Southsea Portsmouth Japanese restaurant decor

Sakura Japanese restaurant

Sakura is nestled among boutiques and other independent restaurants on one of Southsea’s main streets. Benefiting from being so close to the sea they have an extensive sushi menu, I can tell you their sashimi is delicious. Everything on the menu is! In fact, being so excited to be back we ordered an absolute feast which, as is always the case when we visit, arrived at our table amazingly fast.

Sakura Southsea Portsmouth Japanese restaurant review

I was practically bursting with excitement when this lot arrived in front of us! Japanese food in general is always beautifully presented and at Sakura Portsmouth this is no exception.

Sakura Southsea Portsmouth Japanese restaurant tempura

Sakura Southsea Portsmouth Japanese restaurant tempura prawn

Their tempura is the best I have ever eaten. It was the best four years ago and our visit re-affirmed it for me. I’ve no idea how they achieve such light and dry batter, it’s other-wordly. Large juicy prawns and vegetables are delicately balanced against one another like an edible sculpture.

Sakura Japanese gyoza

Incredibly crisp and fat little gyoza with a light and refreshing dipping sauce.

Maki sushi

Sakura Southsea Portsmouth Japanese restaurant sushi

As I was the only fish lover at the table we ordered sushi we’d both enjoy: a simple avocado and cucumber California roll, as well as Sakura’s signature ‘Southsea Maki’; chicken katsu with a mayonnaise dressing.

We both chose teishoku meals, obvious tactics for trying as much as possible! They come with your choice of meat as well as two sides, rice, salad and miso soup.

Sakura Southsea

Portsmouth Japanese restaurant

beef tripe

Japanese fried pork cutlet

This restaurant gets fantastic reviews and it’s obvious why. The restaurant is charming as are the staff who are all incredibly friendly. The food is authentic, fresh and a joy to eat. We’ve come away with a few more fond memories of this place! If ever you are down on the South coast please do visit, it’s just such a lovely dining experience! Let me know what you thought of it as well.

I’m assuming you’re a fan of Japanese food if you’re reading this post? If so, make sure to check out my husband’s incredibly simple chicken katsu recipe!

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