Recent Round up

by Jo Kenny

What I’ve been up to close to home over the last few weeks…

Be at One Relaunch

Easily my favourite bar in Milton Keynes, Be at One recently closed for a refurb and reopened as a bigger and better version of itself. I’ve probably got shoe boxes in my wardrobe bigger than the unit that Be at One started out in, and being so popular it was a fun, but frustratingly hot and cramped place to drink and dance. I went to the re-launch party to see that they’ve now extended the bar to have more seating and floorspace. I’ll drink to that!

Blogger Meetup at Turtle Bay

I last met up with local bloggers in my area before Christmas, so we thought we were due a catch up. Sophie arranged a post-work (as we’ve all got day-jobs) dinner at Turtle Bay. I’ve always been more interested in the cocktail menu than the food so I met the girls at the bar and ordered a Reggae Rum Punch… or two as it was happy hour. I love a berry-based cocktail and the rum punch here is so jammy, not shy with the rum either.

Having dinner with fellow bloggers is both comical and comfortable. First of all there’s no one chuckling at me when I whip out my camera (we all know someone who thinks taking photos of food is soooo sad) and everyone knows the drill of no tucking in until pics are taken. Of course, it’s equally hilarious when everyone becomes engrossed in their social media. When phones and cameras disappear and we actually talk to each other it’s always really interesting to see what everyone has been working on and discovering. We all write different genres of blog and we inevitably discuss what it’s like to talk about each subject.

Go Outdoors Store Launch

As you know I love a hike up a mountain. I also don’t mind the occasional run. I was a big fan of my local Go Outdoors store, that is until it sadly suffered a fire and was put out of action for quite a long time. A few weeks ago they completed the repair works and invited me down to shop for some new gear before it opened to the public.

I got a grand tour of the new layout and all the products they were selling, including a huge camping section as well as an improved running and sportswear section.

How cute is this wigwam with a central stove? There’s a kettle attached for making a cuppa!

I was very kindly offered £100 to go shopping with and I headed straight for outdoor clothes of which there’s a pretty extensive selection and I was very much in need of some new bits. I picked up a black fleece lined coat (I’ve been rocking a ridiculously purple one which needs to retire!) as well as some lightweight t-shirts for exercising. I wasn’t keeping track of costs as I selected what I wanted but figured that I was probably around the limit… my jaw dropped when I got to the till and was told that an outdoor coat and two t-shirts only came to £47! At which point I made for the running section and chose some much needed running socks (see ya later blisters) and a Nike sports bra I’ve been wanting for ages. Still, my shopping spree only came to £76, I can’t believe what a bargain that is!

I’m currently training for the World Run and my new clothes have been great for keeping me cool and blister free.

Fried Fish Tacos

On good Friday Q reminded me that it was traditional to cook fish (hint hint) so off I went to pick up some nice, thick cod fillets and create some easy, fresh tacos.

Cutting the cod into chunky strips, I coated the pieces in a beer batter (150ml beer, 250g plain flour, roughly whisked and still lumpy) and shallow fried them on for a couple of minutes on each side. I served these in soft taco-sized tortillas with fresh dill mayo, avocado, pickles and a shredded apple and carrot salad. Fresh, crunchy fruit & veg with crispy fish is a brilliant combination.


Jasmin Charlotte April 26, 2017 - 8:07 pm

Yumm those fish tacos look so good! So much great food in here, looks like all has been well lately!

Sophie Robbins May 12, 2017 - 1:23 pm

Those fish tacos look incredible, not something I’d ever think of making but maybe I need to take a step out of my comfort zone!

Jo May 13, 2017 - 9:12 am

Try them they’re so tasty! A little more work than chicken but so worth it 🙂


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