Rancho, Portsmouth

by Jo Kenny

This weekend we took a trip down memory lane and returned to an old favourite of ours down on the South coast in Portsmouth. It’s a little Argentinian steakhouse, barely noticeable from the outside but a popular following amongst those that have discovered it.

Rancho Portsmouth olives bread

The inside is modest but warm with lots of wood, dark leather chairs and the odd animal skin hung on the walls. Funnily enough what’s had us coming back and back again to this restaurant isn’t the steaks, but probably one of the cheapest things on the menu: the Rancho BBQ burger!

Rancho Portsmouth BBQ burger

There’s something about this burger that just makes me happy. I suppose it’s a nostalgia thing; it’s almost like a gourmet version of the kind you get from a van! It comes in a big, floury bun along with crunchy onion rings and an oozing of melty cheese. The patty is a nice little change from the tall, fat burgers that are popular nowadays, as Ranchos make theirs wide and thin. The meat is very coarsely ground Argentinian steak so it has a real meaty bite to it.

Rancho Portsmouth thin chips

Rancho Portsmouth sauces

One of the absolute best things about Rancho is the sauces that come with your meal. Pungent blue cheese, spicy BBQ and mellow garlic sauce make dipping your chips even more fun!

Rancho Portsmouth cheesecake

Every time we come here we round off the meal with a slice of the raspberry & white chocolate cheese cake. Sounds sickly but it’s surprisingly fresh tasting, with a lovely contrast between the creamy cheese cake and zingy swirl of fruit.

This is a great place for a casual meal and the prices are very good, the Rancho burger is £8.95! Make sure to book though as they fill up fast!

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