Primrose’s Kitchen

by Jo Kenny

Muesli is a sneaky ol’ food. Seemingly saintly with its natural contents, but when you get up close and inspect the ingredients many brands ruin it by adding sugar. Sneaky indeed! Well, recently I stumbled across a Dorset based company called Primrose’s Kitchen and you’ll never guess what they make? Vegetable muesli! I nearly fell off my chair in shock. Vegetables for breakfast?! A little more reading revealed that Primrose has a background in nutrition and has specially formulated a muesli which tackles the sugary problem of mainstream brands. Curiosity took over and the lovely people at Primrose’s Kitchen sent me some goodies to try.

Primroses Kitchen vegetable muesli review

I’ve got to say this is some of the nicest food packaging I’ve seen and without sounding odd, it feels great too! I think packaging can transform the way you feel when you use something.

Primroses Kitchen vegetable muesli review carrot apple cinnamon

Taking the toe-dipping approach I tried the more familiar of the two cereals first: carrot, apple & cinnamon, which actually sounds like a very appealing mix of flavours. I was surprised that there wasn’t a strong cinnamon smell when I opened the pack, instead it was wheaty with just a hint of spice.

Primroses Kitchen vegetable muesli carrot apple cinnamon review

There’s a refreshing lack of that white floury powder that coats a lot of other muesli brands. I assume this is down the to the gluten free oats and the softer dehydration process they go through to stop them turning to mush. Either way the healthier processes behind the muesli seem noticeable in the quality.

Primroses Kitchen vegetable muesli review carrot apple cinnamon mix

Admittedly I did think the muesli would taste a little bland, but I found that milk instantly unlocks the flavours and suddenly you’re hit with a warm and spicy smell! The muesli itself has much more texture than the regular stuff and there’s lovely little chunks of dried apple and clusters of shredded carrot. The cinnamon dissipates into the milk which is, needless to say, really tasty!

Primroses Kitchen vegetable muesli review beetroot ginger

Finding my vegetable feet I ventured onto the more obscure flavour: beetroot & ginger! I suppose beetroot is a popular juice ingredient, so I guess it has it’s place in breakfast? This one has a really earthy smell, but also a more pungent spiciness. The ginger smells really enticing, and it clings to fiery little nut clusters.

Primroses Kitchen vegetable muesli review beetroot ginger mix

Primroses Kitchen vegetable review beetroot ginger muesli

So again it looks rather unassuming until you pour the milk on. Look what happens with this one, pink milk! How cool?

Primroses Kitchen vegetable muesli review beetroot ginger pink milk

I think comparing vegetables to fruit it an unfair contest, so I’m going to start by saying that vegetable muesli is nowhere near as moreish as regular fruit muesli. Of course it isn’t! But that can only be a good thing when it comes to portion control. This said, the flavours Primrose’s Kitchen have devised are interesting and thoughtful- I enjoyed both.

If you consider yourself a ‘like what you know’ kinda person, this brand may not be your cup of tea. But, if you’re interested in health foods or trying something new this is definitely one to consider adding to your cupboards. It’s actually a really versatile food to own as well:

  • Because it’s less sweet it could be eaten for other mealtimes than breakfast
  • Great snacking alternative to nuts or seeds
  • Would be delicious in home made breads & baking.

I’m certainly no health warrior but I really like when you stumble across a brand that’s doing something different and even better, cares about what they’re putting into their customers. For that reason I wish Primrose’s Kitchen the very best of luck in their venture and their vegetable muesli is a valuable addition to my cupboards!

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