Pancake Day

by Jo

I’ve written this post late. Deliberately.

It’s a given that everyone loves pancake day, I’m yet to meet someone who said Bah Humbug to a bottle of maple syrup. I guess it’s the novelty of eating something sweet for dinner and the green card to have seconds and thirds and sprinkle over more sugar than you should (and a bit more when no one is watching).

But I wonder if we crossed a line this year, took the naughtiness too far! You see we decided this year we wanted to be different and have American pancakes. Then we thought, “Well, if we’re having American pancakes, we might as well do it properly with an all-out American breakfast!” It’d be rude not to, right?

It went down hill from there…

American pancake batter

Grilled meat

American pancakes bacon 2

American pancakes golden syrup

American fry up


American breakfast pretty much digressed into a good ol’ English fry up with a pancake bonus. Our only saving grace was that the BBC recipe I followed delivered just two pancakes each. Now, I don’t know what kind of pansy little girl appetites they have down at BBC HQ, but out here in the real world two pancakes per person is NOT enough!

I guess it was a good thing we super-sized everything else!

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