Panasonic Blender: Espresso Martini Milkshakes

by Jo Kenny

“It feels kind of rebellious and good, doesn’t it?”

Is what I said to Q this weekend, with one week to go until our holiday in Cyprus and our usual repertoire of chicken, vegetables and abundant exercise in anything but full effect. Instead I find myself continuing to enjoy cocktails with friends, continuing to enjoy seconds of delicious meals I’ve cooked and oh, enjoying a Summer evening with the most delicious, boozy milkshake.

Espresso Martini Milkshake

  • Makes 2 large glasses
  • 500ml coconut milk
  • 350ml vanilla ice cream
  • 2 shots of espresso
  • 50ml Patron XO Cafe

Anyone who likes a cocktail knows that the Espresso Martini always receives a pat on the back from your table whenever you order one. Universally loved for how different and God damn delicious they are (not to mention very handy late in the evening if you’re flagging) I fancied making a homage to them in dessert format!

As you know I’ve been testing out the Panasonic Kitchen appliance range for a while now, and most recently I was sent their blender. These appliances are at the higher end of the market; for example this blender retails at £399, but they all feel really solid and worth the investment. I feel so satisfied anytime one of these lovely black glass touch screens is sat neatly on my kitchen counter! They’re so slick!

One thing I instantly like more about this blender than any other I’ve used or owned is the way the container attaches. Usually you’ve gotta faff about with matching up those two little arrows to it slots in exactly before you can twist it around and lock it… but on the Panasonic one they’ve invested in the technology so that you quite simply plonk it on top in any way you like and it instantly works. Magic! It’s a little thing but it makes the user experience so much more satisfying, and faster!

I appreciate any appliance which takes me from nought to tasty in 60 seconds. I also appreciate a blender with a really reliable seal around the lid. Nothing worse than wincing a little as you turn on the blender, not having full confidence that liquid isn’t going to come flying out of the top! (I once had a bit of a soup disaster)

Once all blended up this delicious milkshake should be served in large glasses; unlike the original you won’t be needing those diddy Martini glasses.

Calories? Too many. Enjoyment? Too much. I’m loving this pre holiday ‘diet’!

Disclosure: this is a paid post. As always all thoughts (and recipe!) are my own.

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