Our Wedding in Scotland

by Jo

I am so excited to blog this one! It was way back at the beginning of 2016 that we finalised our menu and ventured up to Scotland to taste it, and I can’t tell you how unnatural it felt to have such beautiful food presented to us and to not share it with the world! If you follow me on Twitter then you will have heard all about the journey of planning our wedding. So here it is, the finished article: the day I said I do to my Partner in Food.

We chose to get married at Myres Castle. We got engaged in Scotland seeing as love it up there so much we set the wedding there too! Myres has beautiful grounds which are lovely all year round, and in the Autumn there’s a spectrum of greens and golds and purples.

The whole feel that we wanted for our wedding was Autumnal, cosy and casual. We got married in an old apple store; a beautiful little barn with stained glass, twinkling fairy lights and a crackling log fire. Definitely cosy!

“We did it!”

Planning a wedding is a pretty crazy thing, and getting started right at the beginning can be a little daunting. One of the elements I was most worried about was the food and, so I was to find out in the coming months, so was everyone else. I had a number of family and friends tell me in the run up to the big day that because I was a Food Blogger they were expecting big things from the food. One person even said, “No pressure but I am expecting it to be the best wedding food that I have ever tasted.” – Oh yea, no pressure at all!

We approached about six caterers and in the first response I knew that Carole, owner of Lazy Sunday was the right person for the day. Whilst other businesses replied back with corporate, generic emails, Carole responded with a huge message pouring with passion – I knew we’d found a fellow food lover!

We asked for canapés that were suited to the cosy Autumn vibe we were after. Carole helped us decide on sweet potato soup shots, beef in Yorkshire puds & gravy, honey & mustard sausages and brie and olive scones. She also helped us bring a personal touch to the drinks reception with a mulled rum station! Which after a couple of glasses we had the courage to go strut our stuff for the wedding photos…

Our photos (this post included) are by the incredible Photos By Zoe who is the most wonderful, artistic and utterly bonkers photographer you will ever meet. Zoe was so much fun on the day; everyone loved her!

I am in love with miniatures I think they’re absolutely adorable. It was miniature Patrons for everyone… I think they look like little potion bottles! The top table was a little more personalised and had everyone’s favourite drink.

What I loved about Carole when we met to discuss food was how incredibly laid back, inventive and flexible she was. Q and I had been inspired to have family style service, so that instead of individually plated food there were big dishes of things served. Not only was it more casual which was the style we were going for, it encouraged everyone to interact; passing bowls and serving eachother portions, it was so lovely to see on the day!

Our menu began with big platters of juicy pork rillette served with toasted sourdough, plum mostada and and array of butters and chutneys and baked apples.

Vegetarians got a (huge!) goats cheese tart which as my favourite food I have to say I was eyeing up with a little envy!

We told Carole that we’d like really hearty Winter food for our main and we settled on giant lamb shank pies, served in a theatrical fashion with the bones sticking out the pastry. I felt like I was at a medieval feast when these came out!

The pies were served with heritage carrots, lyonnaise potatoes and creamed cabbage with fenugreek. Oh and gravy of course!

Q and I decided to buck the trend and not have a wedding cake. Instead we had a dessert table with a big selection of goodies to choose from. There was a mojito cake, plum crumble, pavlova, a profiterole cake, lemon posset jars, brownies and macarons. A pretty sight for a sweet tooth like myself.

My only regret from the day is that I didn’t (and because of my dress, physically couldn’t) try every one of these desserts. The plum crumble was to die for though.

For the evening we made the most of the fire pits in the gardens with marshmallows and sparklers.

Looking at these photos makes me want to do it all again! It is so true what everyone tells you: planning such a big, expensive day can be a bit of a minefield but it is SO worth it. I’m by no means an expert but if it’s any help, here’s my advice for soon-to-be brides and grooms:

Be true to your own style

I think the absolute best thing about weddings is how different they all are in how they’re styled; I love seeing the couple’s personality shine through! Don’t worry about what is trendy or what others expect. If you want a pristine, minimal wedding then do it. If you want a colourful wedding… then do it! Q let me release my Tolkien geekery with Lord of the Rings table names, a poem in our ceremony and a few other small touches.

Wedding Coordinators are worth every penny

Lazy Sunday offered an additional wedding coordinator service which was a complete God-send. Our lady, Kasia, was in charge of the timings and general smooth running of the day so we didn’t have to think about anything. It is such a worthwhile service to put your mind at rest!

DIY can be cheaper

Sometimes your time is more important, but sometimes making something yourself is the way to go (and more fun!) It was £30 for a decorative, artificial wreath online… so I bought the materials and made my own for £7.50 instead.

Zazzle is amazing

We fell in love with this website and we used them for all of our stationary. There’s thousands of designs for any theme imaginable, all totally bespoke and the prices are very reasonable with regular sales.

Sausages are a fail-safe canapé

You just can’t go wrong with them. Absolute crowd pleaser every time!

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