by Jo Kenny

Due to my all-or-nothing personality, I’m not that great at snacking. Moderation just leaves me unsatisfied so I would rather wait for the main event in breakfast, lunch or dinner form. But of course there are those times when your next meal feels so very far away; lunchtime meetings, anyone? (There should be some law against those!)

Nibboxx healthy snacks review

So Nibboxx sent me one of their snack boxes to try. They make snacks-to-your-door in four different types of box: Protein, Low Calorie, Gluten Free and 50/50 (for when you can’t decide). I received a very tasty, very generous selection of organic vanilla flapjack, cocoa glazed almonds, chilli & lemon popcorn and white chocolate covered strawberries.

NIbboxx snack boxes

NIbboxx flapjack

Nibboxx healthy snack box almonds

I loved how much sweet stuff I received! The vanilla flapjack has a lovely, rustic texture and the cocoa almonds were rich and smooth. The white chocolate strawberries were my favourite; big balls of tangy, freeze dried strawbs with a thick coating of creamy white choc. So tasty, I couldn’t stop revisiting the box until they were gone! (Case in point: I am terrible at moderation).

Which leads onto why I think the different box categories Nibboxx offer are a good idea. You can pick snacks tailored to your goals and lifestyle. For example, the goodies I received are quite indulgent; the whole box contains 1,142 calories and sugar is the top 3 ingredient in all of the snacks. These are intended to be healthier, more wholesome treats than say crisps or chocolate, but treats nonetheless. So, if you’re a greedy guts like me who can’t leave well alone this might not be the best choice! If saintly snacks are more your thing, Nibboxx have a low calorie box with just 480 cals inside. If I were to subscribe I’d definitely go for that one.

I haven’t had a snack subscription in the longest time, I’d forgotten how fun it is to receive food in the post!

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