The New Spring Menu at Byron Burger

by Jo Kenny

Disclosure: Our meal was complimentary. As always all thoughts are my own.

In my eight years of food blogging I couldn’t tell you how many times my friends have asked me to make them my plus one on a review. But I could tell you how many times I have met their requests:

None. (Whoops)

But the opportunity to redeem myself came about this month when Byron Burger got in touch to tell me that they’ve just launched their new Spring menu packed full of exciting new starters, mains and sides. So many things to try in fact, that when they invited me they suggested bringing three people along to help get stuck in!

Q and I met our friends at our local Byron Burger in Centre MK straight from work and shared stories of how frugal we’d been with lunch in preparation for the big Byron feast. We kicked off with cold beers whilst we deliberated over the menu.


Starters triggered a chorus of, “Ooh what about that?” and, “Ooh what are those?!”

Eager to try as much as we could, we ordered a spread to share. The pros of a group!

Chunky, lightly coated and extremely moreish halloumi fries, served with rich chilli BBQ sauce for dunking. So damn good that I forgot all British reserve and dove right in for the last one without asking if anyone else around the table would like it. You snooze you lose with halloumi fries.

Small but mighty Mac & Cheese balls. Ultra rich, ultra cheesy, ultra party in your mouth. I challenge anyone to cut one of these open and not utter any kind of reaction to the glorious melting cheese inside. They come topped with buffalo glaze, cheese sauce, spring onions and crispy bacon.

Those two cheesy (and very filling) starters had me glad for the frickles, which despite what you’d think from their size are surprisingly light. It’s the signature Byron pickle, deep fried and served with a creamy blue cheese dip. Simple satisfaction for pickle lovers. These starters range from £3.75-£5.25 each.


As we sat and waited for our burgers my friends told me that they never thought to come to Byron, in fact one even reminded me that she’s not that much of a burger person… which is unfathomable to me. But it was actually really interesting to have some different perspectives on a review, particularly when Byron have made a real effort on their new menu to be inclusive of people who aren’t real meat-heads.

In addition to a new vegan section, there’s the ‘Flex’ burger. It’s a blend of sautéed mushrooms and beef for a less meaty, lighter option. In other words: perfect for people who aren’t really ‘burger people’. And for someone who doesn’t like burgers my bestie made light work of devouring the entire thing, pausing only to utter encouraging comments like, ‘Oh my God this is insane.”

I think you’ve found a convert, Byron.

I on the other hand like meat. A lot. And Byron’s latest, deliciously messy answer to meat lovers is the Reuben. For £12.00 you’ll be treating yourself to pulled BBQ beef brisket, sauerkraut pickle relish, mustard mayo, American mustard, beer onions and a bacon & onion crumb:

If that doesn’t sound sexy enough, it also comes with a jug of cheese sauce for you to do with as you please. I poured some in my burger (filthy, gluttonous heaven) and used the rest for dunking my sweet potato fries into.

We also ordered the new veggie stacked fries: sweet potato fries loaded with smoked chilli BBQ sauce, sour cream and pickled red onions. (£5.00)

After feasting on all this lot (and accepting defeat with a couple of takeaway boxes to go) we sat back and compared food babies, because that’s what good friends do. Mine was called Reuben.

So there you go. Four people walk into a restaurant: two love meat and two like to cut it out sometimes. All left totally thrilled with their meals.  The new menu still showcases delicious beef burgers and imaginative fillings that Byron are so very good at inventing. But it also successfully integrates options that welcome people who may never have thought to visit previously.

Byron, it was a pleasure as always!

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Hannah May 11, 2018 - 11:40 am

I am reading this at my desk just thinking omg I NEED IT ALL. The halloumi fries look so crisp and mourish, and the mac n’ cheese balls look insane too. The burger you had looks amazing too – and a pourable sauce cheese dip?! Madness (but I want it).

I’ve got a Byron Burger where I live and I absolutely love their courgette fries, so delish!


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