by Jo Kenny

In case anyone hadn’t quite noticed, the rugby has come to Milton Keynes! So many accents about the place from all over the country; it’s nice that MK is getting some limelight! How handy that a fellow local food aficionado threw a charity food festival last weekend, right opposite the train station to greet visitors to the city!

I say handy, because not only was Mike raising money for the food bank, but the festival was also offering up some excitement and culture to visitors, some proof that we’re more than a concrete jungle… although I loved that backdrop of the oh-so urban Buszy!

mxmk food festival

mxmk rugby bar

I think the festival covered food from every corner of the world: Mexican, British, French, Goan, Japanese, Italian… it was all meals and snacks to eat there rather than products for taking home. Good thing I arrived ravenous! Ready?

mxmk Milton keynes Goa curry

Goan spinach & chicken curry.

mxmk caribbean food

mxmk caribbean jerk chicken

BBQ jerk chicken had the air thick with spicy smoke that was drawing people in!

mxmk milton keynes monty pieman

Monty Pieman mxmk

mxmk milton keynes festival pie

Monty Pieman (what a name) sold big pies, small pies, all kinds of pies named after the surrounding villages of Milton Keynes. The pastry on these babies was unreal!

mxmk milton keynes japanese food

mxmk japanese stand

mxmk Milton Keynes gyoza

These duck gyoza were amazing. So amazing we went back for seconds! So sweet and meaty.

mxmk milton keynes stall

mxmk steak frites

Salty chips, soft sirloin and creamy peppercorn sauce was Autumnal heaven. So so tasty, best peppercorn sauce I’ve had I reckon!

mxmk coffee

We filled up what small gaps remained in our stomachs with a nice artisan flat white.

I’m chuffed Mike’s first festival was a success! I’ve been to a lot of festivals recently that are heavy on the products with tiny tasters. It was nice to just go somewhere, have your fill, then roll on home! Mike should be announcing shortly how much the festival raised for the local food bank 🙂

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