Mister Teas

by Jo Kenny

This one goes out to the hungry and hungover on a Saturday morning! I discovered Mister Teas in Bletchley and thought it was worth a share. I’ve been very well behaved this month, but it was my birthday weekend and I figured I was allowed to have an indulgent breakfast! ┬áMister Teas is a no frills and oh-so British greasy spoon that serves fry ups in portions ranging from small to massive, the massive one being called the ‘belly buster’. Not one to ever be defeated, even I had to settle for one size smaller, having seen what the belly buster involved!

Our big breakfasts arrived in super speedy timing, on well worn crockery and with mis-matched knives & forks. Anywhere else this would be seen as a faux pas, but in a greasy spoon I find those humble and dated touches reassuringly nostalgic.

Breakfast Mister Teas Bletchley Milton Keynes

Bread butter Mister Teas Bletchley Milton Keynes

I love that Mister Teas don’t bother with toast, instead serving up big plates of thick, white bread and butter. Perfect for dunking into your egg and mopping up the plate with! The breakfast itself is perfectly cooked with particularly delicious bacon & eggs. Big thumbs up for serving black pudding as well.

Tea Mister Teas Bletchley Milton Keynes

I think this is a great little cafe for a hearty breakfast. More importantly, a valuable place you can take your hungover self for some comfort.

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