Mii & U

by Jo

mii and u

Opening nearly a year ago I’m a little sad that I’ve only just discovered Mii and U; a humble Asian cafe nestled away in Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes. Truth is, with no social media presence (at the time of writing) and a website still under construction, they’ve sat very much under the radar. Instead, relying on good old fashioned word of mouth, Mii & U have been quietly serving up Chinese and Japanese cuisine next to their ten-year old supermarket and slowly crept up the ranks of TripAdvisor to earn themselves a spot at number two (June 2013). Time to pay them a visit!

Chinese cafe

Mii and U Menu

Chinese restaurant Milton Keynes

The menu is cheap and varied. The restaurant sways largely towards Chinese but it’s interesting to see some Japanese food cropping up as well. I’ve had a massive hankering for some sushi of late so this suited me just fine. The kitchen is mega speedy and no sooner had our waitress shouted through our choices it was being placed in front of us minutes later!

Chicken veg gyoza Mii & U Milton Keynes

Our side dishes ended up acting as starters. I chose chicken & vegetable gyoza which was wonderfully fresh and soft, served with a zingy vinegar.

Mii & U Miltn Keynes pork bau

My husband went for a pork bau, which I fell in love with; it’s like a giant dim sum! Hot, steamed dough filled with ginger infused pork. Very tasty and comforting.

Still digging into our sides, out came the mains.

Mii & U Miltn Keynes sushi

Such a pretty plate of food! At just £8.00, and with us living so far from the coast, I wasn’t expecting such high quality sushi, but Mii & U surpassed my expectations with a beautifully presented and generous helping of California rolls, tuna, salmon and prawn.

California sushi rolls Mii & U Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Mii & U Sushi

The fish was fresh and tender, but could have done with being served a tad colder.

Sushi Mii & U Milton Keynes

My husband, predictable as ever, couldn’t resist ordering up some pork! He was served a huge bowl of steaming char siu pork, duck and noodle soup.

Pork & duck noodle soup Mii & U Milton Keynes

The dish had cost only £6.00 so we were both really impressed with how much meat he was included.

Char Su Pork & duck noodle soup Mii & U Milton Keynes

Generous servings of two mains, two sides and four fruit juices came to just £26.00. Absolute bargain! Of course, like all Asian cafes you come for the food and not the atmosphere; the surroundings are humble and all efforts are poured into the cooking. But if you’re looking for a fast and tasty lunch this is a really fantastic place for a bite to eat. The folk at Mii & U are clearly proud of their business, giving great service and keen to know if we enjoyed the food and whether we would come back. Have no fear Mii & U, you’ve gained yourself a couple of regulars!

Check out Mii & U here!