Miele Steam Oven

by Jo Kenny

When I visited the Miele innovation centre I was mighty impressed with their steam ovens. But being a pretty fancy brand I walked away from the cookery class sighing, “One day!” The lovely folk at Miele however made my culinary dreams come true and sent me one of their steam ovens to play with!

Miele steam oven

Miele steam oven inside

Miele steam oven trays

Isn’t it beautiful? So shiny and slick! It’s so simple to use that the instructions weren’t needed: you fill up the container on the right with water and slot your food into the steamer using the very cheffy looking trays. Using the touch screen pad you choose the temperature you want the steam and the time you want to cook for and you’re off!

At the innovation centre I was told you can cook all kinds of things using the steam oven, and that it actually takes less time to cook than using a regular oven. I’ve only scratched the surface food-wise but can already vouch for the latter, fruit takes a few minutes, meat far less than if I’d baked or roasted.

Miele steam oven belly pork

Miele steam oven belly pork rice

Probably the best thing I’ve made so far is this Chinese style belly pork. I rubbed the meat with spices and steamed until the meat was tender, then finished off under a grill with a sticky glaze. The pork was delicious, the steam seems to really help flavour penetrate into the meat.

I’ve been Instagramming other meals as well.

Miele steam oven Yum Dim Sum instagram apples

Miele steam oven Yum Dim Sum instagram chicken

Probably the biggest game changer has been the chicken. I rarely buy chicken breast because I find it so dry. Steam cooking has completely changed that, not only is the meat ridiculously juicy it doesn’t need any oil to cook! I cooked this chicken breast with lemon, lime, garlic, spring onions and ginger and had myself one of the cleanest meals I’ve had in a long time that I can say I actually really enjoyed.

I’m pretty damn excited about this new addition to my culinary life, stay tuned and I’ll show you what I else I cook!

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