Laguiole by Jean Dubost Giveaway

by Jo Kenny

“I’m in love I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!”

Fashion bloggers are drooling over bags, beauty bloggers are lusting after lipsticks. Me? I’m all about the kitchen and homeware. Anything beautiful to put in my home, anything that’ll make everyday life better… in fact one of my favourite sayings is one by William Morris which is just that: “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” – Which happens to be a very handy saying to recite to yourself when you’re having a clear out.

I had a bit of a homeware lover’s dream come true recently, when a brand I have loved for a very long time heard that I was a fan and offered to send me some of their products. It’s a French company called Jean Dubost and I had actually been eyeing up their Laguiole range for our wedding gift list, and I was incredibly touched that Jean Dubost so very kindly offered to get in there early!

My love for Laguiole began when I was a young teenager and had bought my mum a beautiful cheese knife set for Christmas. Displayed in a wonderful wooden box, I remember feeling incredibly proud as I was wrapping it up: it was one of those gifts that I will always remember giving.

Then, a number of years ago, Q and I acquired a selection of Laguiole steak knives from his parents who were having a clear out when moving house. They have the most beautiful pearl handles and fold in half like a hunters knife! Nothing feels more primal and satisfying than cutting into a hunk of meat with these.

And now, I have welcomed some more Laguiole members into my collection – I can officially say that I have a collection! I didn’t know I could be so excited about cutlery until now!

I’ve been desperate for a pretty cutlery set for ages; until now we’ve been making do with a mis-matched combination of IKEA and very old John Lewis knives and forks. This however, is the right kind of mis-matched. Beautiful neutral colours and enough for us to now have 6 matching sets. Jean Dubost have got a mind boggling range of styles and colours, which is probably why I don’t tire of nosing through the website. Their olive wood handle range is the absolute dream.

I also chose some lovely silver salad tongs. All of the Laguiole sets come in wooden presentation boards and boxes which I love so much! My old metal cutlery tray has been bumped off in favour of these. The smell is so lovely when you open them!

Finally and poshest of all I chose a pretty breakfast set with a bread knife, butter knife and jam spoon. Does anyone really need a breakfast set? Well no, probably not. I’ve been making do without one all my life. But that’s so not the point is it? Cue breakfast!

Aaah that satisfaction of a matching set with handles that feel the same in each hand and knife blades that cut with no effort. The experience of eating just got even better.

And hey look at that, jam spoons and butter knives are totally functional! No more sticky teaspoon handles. No more tearing the bread as I spread. I feel like I just levelled up in adulting.

Want to level up your cutlery game too? I’m sharing my love for Jean Dubost with a lovely Laguiole breakfast set to give away to one lucky reader. As pictured you’ll receive a bread knife, butter knife and jam spoon in a lovely wooden presentation board if you win. Just head over to my Twitter page to give me and Jean Dubost a follow and Retweet the competition. The winner will be chosen on the evening of Sunday 30th April 2017. Good luck!

Disclosure: products were complimentary. As always all thoughts are my own.

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