Blueberry Keto Cake

by Jo Kenny

keto cake

Creating a dessert that tastes great but without any of the indulgence is tricky. But I did it! It took a lot of testing, but I have finally created a delicious low carb cake recipe that will happily satisfy any sugar craving! This recipe is far lighter in calories, carbs and sugar than regular cake but it’s filling and incredibly tasty. Read on to see my perfect keto cake recipe!

Blueberry and dark chocolate keto cake

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This recipe is a delicious and convincing cake alternative, despite being:

  • Low carb
  • Gluten free
  • Free from added sugar
  • Free from artificial sweeteners.

Amazing right?! This keto cake is filled with blueberries and dark chocolate, which despite tasting sweet contain a surprisingly low amount of sugar. The blueberries add a natural burst of sweetness whilst the dark chocolate gives a lovely hit of decadence. Just be sure to use dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solids; anything above this will contain too much sugar and begin to build carbs back into your cake. Personally I love dark chocolate between 70-85% cocoa solids. If you’re brave try 90%, although I find it just too bitter! We are after all trying to create something tasty so let’s not punish ourselves… that’s not what food is about!

easy keto cake recipe


  • 120g ground almonds
  • 4 medium eggs
  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 2.5 tsp baking powder
  • 100g blueberries
  • 50g dark chocolate chips (at least 70% cocoa solids)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract

low carb almond cake


Start by pre heating your oven to 200c. Prepare your loaf pan by lining with some greaseproof paper.

In a bowl add the ground almonds, eggs, olive oil, vanilla and baking powder. Whisk together. Because there is no flour, this recipe has less raising agents than a regular cake, so whisk for a couple of minutes to get lots of air into the mixture. This will give your cake a nice fluffy texture.

Next add in the blueberries and chocolate chips, but keep a small amount of each aside to decorate the top of your cake. Fold the blueberries and chocolate in with a wooden spoon, being careful not to knock out too much of the air that you’ve worked in.

Pour the keto cake batter into your loaf pan, and sprinkle the top with the blueberries and dark chocolate chips that you set aside.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes. The keto cake will rise a little and turn a shiny golden brown on top. You can use a skewer to prick the middle of the cake and check that it is baked: if the skewer comes out clean then it’s done.

Recipe Overview

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Keto Cake with Blueberries and Dark Chocolate

A delicious low carb and gluten free cake for satisfying a sweet tooth!
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time30 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: English
Keyword: keto, keto cake, low carb, low carb cake
Servings: 10
Calories: 180kcal
Cost: £5


  • Weighing scales
  • Bowl
  • Electric whisk
  • Wooden spoon
  • 1lb loaf pan
  • Greaseproof paper


  • 120 g Ground almonds
  • 4 eggs, medium
  • 3 tbsp Olive oil
  • 2.5 tsp Baking powder
  • 100 g Blueberries
  • 50 g Dark chocolate (at least 70%)
  • 2 tsp Vanilla extract


  • Pre heat your oven to 200c and line your load pan with greaseproof paper.
  • In a bowl add the ground almonds, eggs, olive oil, baking powder and vanilla. Whisk until combined and lots of air has been drawn into the batter.
  • Keep a small amount of the blueberries and chocolate to one side for topping the cake, and pour the rest into the batter, folding carefully with a wooden spoon.
  • Pour the batter into the loaf pan and sprinkle the top with your remaining blueberries and chocolate.
  • Bake for 30 minutes until the cake has risen a little and the top has turned shiny and golden brown.

low carb recipes

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How many carbs are in keto cake?

A slice of my keto cake contains:

  • 4g carbs
  • 180 calories

So as you can see it is a much lighter option for a sweet treat when you fancy some baked goods. Regular cake is easily triple the calories in one slice, and of course packed with sugar. Now of course I’ve got nothing against a sweet treat (I love food in all of its glorious forms!) but if you’re looking to cut down on sugar in your lifestyle, then my keto cake is a great alternative option.

Is it keto cake gluten free?

It is indeed! There is no wheat in the recipe making it suitable for coeliacs.

Storage recommendations

Cake in general is best enjoyed at room temperature, and this cake will happily keep on a countertop for two or three days in an air tight container (providing it isn’t very warm weather). As the sugar content is low it is best to pop it in the fridge if you are planning to keep for a week. I have to say I really enjoy this cake chilled as well – the chocolate chips give a lovely crunch!

Where to buy keto cake

My keto cake recipe is so quick and easy to make that you hardly need convenience! But, if you’d like to know more about where to buy low carb treats I can recommend these:

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Keto cake recipe




johnnyangel July 1, 2015 - 2:32 pm

I added this to MyFitnessPal under “Yum Dim Sum (Blog) Blueberry Keto Cake”. I had to do some guessing on some of the nutritional content regarding fiber, cholesterol, protein, etc. But the calories and carbs per slice are in there. It assumes 8 servings per recipe, a serving being 1 slice.

johnnyangel July 1, 2015 - 2:34 pm

Oh btw, for those in the US, some quick conversions:

120g ground almonds = 1 cup
4 medium eggs = 3 large eggs
100g blueberries = 1 cup
50g dark chocolate chips (at least 70% cocoa solids) = 1/4 cup

Bake at 395ºF

Becca June 28, 2016 - 2:18 pm

Hey! Thanks for the conversions! 🙂

Amanda October 13, 2017 - 12:54 am

Is the ground almond is that almond flour??

Tracy hughes February 26, 2017 - 9:37 pm

Thaks for the conversion?

Roberta Jackson July 18, 2019 - 8:28 pm


Maxime August 3, 2015 - 4:14 pm

Today my family visited me and I decided to bake something healthy. I always make the same healthy cake, so I searched for another recipe. I found this one and I was so exited to try this one out. I made this cake like the recipe says and honestly I was pretty disappointed. This was one of the worsest cakes I’ve ever ate and made in my entire life. Honestly I was at the point where I felt so ill that I wanted to (sorry) vomit. It was quite disgusting and I still feel bad. My family were shocked about how bad this cake tasted. At least I had made two cakes. So I could offer at least one delicious cake.
Sorry but that was really disgusting. The tastes that you used just don’t match together. The dark chocolate is so penetrating and the hole cake is totally infused by its taste.
I still don’t get that taste out of my mouth and I do still feel very ill.
You should over think your talent of baking.
Sincerely Max

Jo August 3, 2015 - 7:55 pm

I’m sorry that too many chocolate chips in a cake was such an ordeal for you. You have truly experienced the horror that this world has to offer. Did you really offer diet cake to your guests? You should over think your talent in hosting 😉

vanessa August 9, 2015 - 4:48 am

Maxime I find you rude and quiet farntly ungrateful. Your last comment…You should over think your talent of baking. (Quote) reveals the nasty person in you. Good grief its no wonder the world is in a mess as its people like you who make this world nasty. Nasty makes you ugly. This lady who did the recipe has taken the time for people like us who are Banting and your comment has become a talking topic in my family. I shant say what my husband called you. You owe Jo an apology. How revolting of you.

Sobia October 3, 2016 - 11:37 am

Don listen to this rude person. I tried this cake and LOVED it. Ur a star and saviour of my keto diet

Craig September 5, 2015 - 6:02 am


I have signed up here just to tell you the TRUTH!

You are AMAZING!

An amazing baker!

I just made your keto bread – which isn’t too dissimilar from this recipe and it is amazing! You are amazing!

Noobs like Maxine better recognize that they should blame themselves. (in other words Maxine (troll) – if you are reading – you aren’t cut out for this lifestyle, head down to your local bakery and buy their products instead, your delicious cake is just the taste of sugar, please just be honest)

I appreciate your work JO, will be a lifelong follower and much respect for your talents.

I think this keto cake will be divine!


Liliane March 23, 2016 - 8:58 pm

I can’t believe this person wrote this to you!
after you taking your time, and with so much kindness providing us with such a great recipes!

Billy May 27, 2016 - 10:05 am


I also found the taste of the cake a bit funky; like a chocolate chip omelette. HOWEVER… this is because I am in idiot. I was too keen to get into it and ate it while relatively fresh from the oven. If you leave it to cool overnight it tastes completely different in the morning. When cooled it is actually quite nice. By Jos own admission “When I’ve attempted recipes in the past and they’ve been bland or had an odd texture, no where near good enough to satisfy a sugar craving”. This is what happens when you cook sugar and carb low (or free) food. Remember Max the other cake you made for your family was (no doubt) a carb and sugar mountain. The entire point of this recipe is that is does not have these items. If it did then I’m pretty sure Jo would have a recipe for chocolate ice cream fudge Sunday on this page instead. So I think you are being a bit harsh pal. It begs the question that if you were willing to feed your family an alternative sugar based cake, then why did you (without testing it first) bake them a sugar and carb free one in the first place? If the second cake you baked was NOT a sugar and carb based cake then please direct me to the site where you got that recipe from.



Sally March 2, 2017 - 2:44 pm

From your description, it seems to me that you are used to the kind of cake that has got the western world very fat; a very sweet cake and if you read the title, ‘Keto’ cake, it’s not just a ‘healthy’ cake, it’s a specific type of healthy cake – you see, the clue is in the title. Ketogenic diets eschew added sugars. Therefore to get into space where you enjoy and can taste the natural sweetness of foods that have sugar as part of their make up without being added, you will have to retrain your palette. Currently your palette doesn’t understand this cake. Sugar is like a flavour hammer that blasts natural sweetness out of the water.

So, perhaps back to cooking school for you too. And a grammar and punctuation lesson mightn’t go amiss too 😉

Barbara August 23, 2015 - 9:00 am

I don’t like dark chocolate at all, would it make a whole lot of difference to the cake like sweetness if you left it out of the mixture?

Jo August 23, 2015 - 9:12 am

The dark choc chips do add a lovely indulgent taste, maybe you could try adding cocoa powder to the mix as an alternative? Such shame milk chocolate isn’t keto friendly eh?

Barbara August 23, 2015 - 11:47 am

Thanks you Jo.

I know it’s sad as I just LOVE milk chocolate :'(

I do have some Green & Blacks Organic Cocoa powder in the cupboard so I’ll combine that with a bit of sweetener. I’m going to try making these in muffin trays this afternoon as well as your keto bread. 🙂 I just need to go and buy some more eggs. I hope these turn out as lovely as yours look, as I’ve never been much of a baker though I can whip up a decent meal.

Hannah August 24, 2015 - 11:30 am

Hi Barbara! Did a little searching and came up with this low (net) carb friendly milk chocolate that’s sweetened with stevia instead of sugar:

I love Lily’s brand stevia-sweetened dark chocolate and figured this would be a good milk chocolate variation of that. I’ve never tried this particular one myself though! Just an option to get you started. Good luck!

Oh, and Jo, just made your keto bread recipe last night! Amazing!! Having a couple slices for breakfast topped with an avocado egg salad. Ketolicious 😉 Thanks for the recipe!

Michelle October 7, 2015 - 11:42 am

I made this cake on the weekend and it was delicious! Really moist and flavorsome. I added 2 tablespoons of Truvia because I do like a bit of sweetness. I’m doing GL rather than Keto so I don’t know whether Truvia’s allowed on Keto, but it has 0 net carbs so I can’t see why not.

Katy October 25, 2015 - 3:33 pm

I juts found your website and can’t wait to try some recipes! I wonder how it would turn out if I just did more blueberries and left the chocolate out. Anyone tried that before?

Michelle November 7, 2015 - 2:23 pm

I’m on a keto diet and was looking for an alternative to fruit cake for Xmas day. I came across this and decided to do a trial bake today. Omg is absolutely delicious it’s so light and fluffy. The chocolate gives the bread a nice sweet taste and the blueberries gives it a nice soft texture. I wouldn’t call it bread it’s more like a cake. I used diabetic sugar free buttons with the blueberries and also added a little sugar substitute. This will be my keto Xmas treat on Christmas Day.

Jo November 8, 2015 - 7:24 pm

Aww this made my day! Have to say I think you deserve a medal for sticking to a diet on Christmas, I could never do it! Hope it serves you well on the day 🙂

Julie Jones February 6, 2016 - 7:55 pm

I’ve just made this cake and was so excited to give it a go and got ingredients especially. But it was absolutely awful. It tastes bitter and just totally weird. I’ve had to bin it. I’m wondering if I have done anything wrong as I can’t believe how bad it tastes. I used everything in your recipe. The only thing I can think is that I used 100% chocolate nibs?

Jo February 8, 2016 - 7:43 pm

But… but then you didn’t use everything in the recipe! Chocolate nibs are sooo bitter no wonder it tasted awful! Dark chocolate chips are a must.

Dan February 29, 2016 - 8:15 pm

Maxine. …boo to you….jo love your reply. And I love the cake. I have a sweet tooth and trying to diet. So this is fantastic and I think the chocolate complements the blueberries. And it’s light too. Fighting the urge for another slice…ah what the hell nom nom nom

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