Ticking The Boxes With Ufit

by Jo

Yikes. When did we all get so damn serious about looking after ourselves? It’s not enough to be a healthy weight and look half decent in a dress anymore. Oh no. Now you’ve gotta be some waist training, bubble butt kale addict devoted entirely to a righteous life of clean eating and discipline. Snooooore.

Don’t mistake me; there is nothing wrong with having a genuine passion for achieving a beautiful physique. If that brings you joy then that’s great. My gripe is with how it’s become a mainstream mantra that everyone is feeling pressured to follow; a growing suggestion that if you aren’t eating steamed chicken and broccoli for dinner, then you sure as hell better be feeling guilty about it. Instagram would have you believe that everyone is living that clean life and loving it, but I think a lot of people out there are following a strict diet and exercise regime because it’s fashionable, not because they’re actually enjoying it.

Ufit protein st lucia

Since when did a love of food and an active life become mutually exclusive anyway? Certainly not in my world; I like to be strong. I like to eat well. I like knowing that if the apocalypse comes I can run away from the zombies. But I also like burgers, a lot. I sleep in on Sundays. My weight fluctuates with the seasons. I’m not afraid of pushing my body… and I’m also not afraid of seconds.

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I felt inspired to write this when I was out for a run. UFIT had sent me some of their protein drinks to try and they’re honestly the most delicious protein drinks going; the chocolate one tastes like Frijj (any health based drink that can be likened to one of the most indulgent chocolate milks going is gonna have me smitten).

My point is, I was really looking forward to one when getting in and my first thoughts weren’t about re-fuelling my body or macros, I was just thinking about rewarding myself with something tasty! It’s a product that gives you the good stuff and doesn’t punish your tastebuds in the process, which I suppose it what my little musing is all about.

Life is much better when you don’t take it so seriously, wouldn’t you agree?

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