Hache Burger, London

by Jo

You know what I love about the burger? It successfully transcends all levels of quality. I mean, you couldn’t go out for a cheap steak; only a posh one. And likewise you couldn’t go out for a posh kebab; only a cheap one! The burger however works successfully at any price range and being a true fanatic of meat between bread I enjoy each end of the burger spectrum. I love burgers in their freshly ground, top notch Aberdeen Angus form and I love them in their filthy, barely-used-to-be-an-animal form. In fact, the Big Mac happens to be one of my favourite burgers! No disrespect meant of course Mr Big Mac; I’m your biggest fan, but let’s be honest: you are a nutritional turd.

Well a few days ago it was Mr Yumdimsum’s birthday and it only felt right to take him into London to experience the posher end of the burger scale! Now of course with it being such a versatile food there’s an expansive selection of vendors to pick from. Overwhelming in fact. But when searching for the best burger in London there was one name that popped up again and again on the internet recommendations: Hache.

Hache burger chelsea london interior

Hache (so I was informed by the lovely script on the wall opposite my table) derives from the French ‘to chop’, which in turn represents their freshly ground steak burgers and various prime burger ingredients. Vast ingredients I should say, both traditional and bizarre!

Hache burger chelsea london menu

Did you spot the peanut butter? Did you tilt your head to one side with a furrowed brow? Ten confusion points for you!

I did just the same, and whilst Mr Yumdimsum encouraged me to trust the chef (who I have no doubt would have blown my mind wide open) I decided to take a curious twist on a more familiar favourite and went for the Bavarian. I love smoked cheese- sausage cheese I called it as a child- so I was intrigued to see how it would work in burger format.

Hache burger chelsea londonbavarian smoked burger

Answer: it works well. Very well! It doesn’t exactly melt and maintains it’s form, but cut into it and it goes all oozy. That creamy, smokiness works amazingly with the caramelised onions too. The birthday boy opted for a classic gourmet cheeseburger with home made guacamole. The ultimate messy burger!

Hache burger chelsea london cheeseburger

Hache burgers require a knife and fork. Not for etiquette purposes, but because they’re so full of amazing stuff that it can’t be contained within the ciabatta bread! If ciabattas not your thing there’s a brioche bun to chose from too. The entire menu can be broken down into your favourite elements & twists for your own perfect burger experience. For example, instead of regular fries we chose sweet potato. We were not disappointed!

Hache burger chelsea london sweet potato fries 2

Crunchy. Salty. Sweet. Served in a baby fryer! Incredible.

Hache burger chelsea london sweet potato fries

There’s only one thing on the menu that’s mandatory for any burger lover. KETCHUP. To quote Mr Yumdimsum’s wise observation: “I like that: no sachets, they just brought me the entire bottle.” Hache burger know what us burger fiends want.

Hache burger chelsea london lunch

But they brought better than that to the table as well. At the end of our meal there were no tired old imperial mints (who even eats those?) there were Smarties!

Hache burger chelsea london smarties

That sealed the deal for me. Hache burger was a fantastic find and I am only saddened that they don’t exist outside of London. Hache, I demand that you expand in the direction of where I live!

If you’re in London and you like your burgers massive, customised and smothered with cheese then you need to check them out.


James November 22, 2013 - 10:12 am

I can’t recommend this place enough. I tried it off the back of your recommendation and discovered peanut butter on a burger!

Jo November 22, 2013 - 6:53 pm

Aaah you braved the PB! I need to try it, cheese laden burgers draw me in every time!


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