Greedy Goose

by Jo Kenny

Today I went to a pub named after me.

We found it on route from A to B, and having spent the first half of our car journey whining to my family about how hungry I was, how the mini eggs they had provided to shut me up hadn’t lasted nor were they sufficient¬†sustenance¬†in the first place, they finally gave in and parked up outside the Greedy Goose at Moreton-in-Marsh to feed me. Hoorah!

Greedy goose menu

It was hard to chose but the burger won. I won too: look at what arrived!

Burger greedy goose moreton in marsh

I love food on a wooden board, makes it feel like a right feast. I also like it when salad items are on the side for you to add to your burger as you like. The Greedy Goose win points for offering up a pickle too. Pickle points!

Cheese bacon burger Greedy Goose Moreton in Marsh

Lovely traditional cheese and bacon. The burger itself was one of the tastiest I’ve had as well: super succulent and well aged!

Onion rings Greedy Goose moreton in marsh

And to top it all off, a nice little tower of perfectly crisp onion rings.

So there you have it: a lovely lunch that shut me up for the rest of the journey! The prices are cheap and atmosphere is relaxed, so if you’re ever travelling along the A44 and need to refuel your tank (the one that’s fun to fill) check out the Greedy Goose.

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