Good Karma at The Old Thatched Inn

by Jo Kenny

I’d actually been to The Old Thatched Inn quite recently with my friends. I had a delicious lunch with gooey, rosemary studded camembert and a lovely soft blade of beef.

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The problem was (totally predictable when friends and wine is involved) that I completely wasn’t paying attention when it came to paying up and accidentally gave a 35% tip. Whoops! I couldn’t exactly ask for it back could I? No, I’ll pay to live without that awkwardness!

I got an email a few weeks later inviting me to review them and I wondered if it was word of my blog or my legendary tipping generosity that had bagged me the meal! I’ll accept either way; I’m afraid this review was something of a sure thing because I already knew how good they are. But hey, now you can know too!

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So The Old Thatched Inn is one of those lovely old pubs with all the wonky nooks and crannies you’d expect to find in a building 400 years old, but with an equally lovely, more modern conservatory area as well. There was a pub quiz happening in said conservatory when we visited, so it was off to the nooks we went. They take service very seriously here and on every occasion I’ve been they’ve made me feel very well looked after. Drinks are served in a comfy sofa area whilst you peruse the menu and are told the specials. On ordering you’re taken to your table.

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old thatched inn adstock pub

I was pleased to find the menu had changed since my last visit so I had new dishes to pick from and a new experience to tell you about. But the problem with food blogging is that you can never order the same thing as your eating partner; variety is very important. So there was a bit of a fight for the black pudding croquette starter, served with an apple puree.

old thatched inn adstock black pudding

Q won, I’m sorry to say, given that he had an almost euphoric experience eating it, claiming it was one of the best starters he’s ever had! God dammit..

old thatched inn adstock fishcakes

In fairness my second option, the fishcake with capers and lemon mayo was very good: big meaty flakes of moist fish and a good ratio of protein to potato. Lemon mayo is just dreamy.

old thatched inn adstock duck

old thatched inn adstock lamb

Our mains were classics with lamb and confit duck. The duck was prepared perfectly with a very crispy and rich skin covering some seriously succulent meat. Bubble and squeak with a thick crust was a welcome side. I suppose my only preference would have been a fruity sauce; sweetness compliments duck meat so very well and the gravy, whilst very tasty, was a little heavy in my opinion.

old thatched inn adstock parfait

old thatched inn adstock pecan pie

Desserts were a mix of blindingly beautiful and intensely indulgent. My chocolate parfait with a hazelnut cream looked like a work of art; I spent so long admiring it before actually tucking in! The parfait was mega chocolatey and rich so the thin slice was absolutely warranted. The pecan pie was sooo good (Q really beat me on ordering didn’t he?!) with thick and sticky toffee flavours and sweet pecans. My spoon found its way to his plate a few times!

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I think this is a really solid British gastro pub. Proper cosy atmosphere with very attentive staff… I can just about live with mega tips when it’s deserved!

Disclosure: our meal was complimentary. As always all thoughts are my own.

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