Good Food For Good Causes

by Jo Kenny

Like many people I tend to save socialising for the weekends. It’s nice to be lazy after work right?! Buuut if the reason is good enough I can steal myself away from the comfort of my sofa to do something out of the ordinary mid-week and food is always a successful way to lure me out! A friend’s family are raising money for better education in Peru; to help reach their goals they held a quiz night, complete with a home made South American taster menu, yum!

Peru Fundraiser quiz

Now, the quiz aspect of the evening was something of a disaster for our table. Despite our competitive spirit and very serious discussions about what was definitely the right answer… we came last! Last out of a dozen teams- ouch! Of course we blame our youth and the fact that as the youngest table we weren’t even alive for many of the events we were quizzed on. At least, that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it!

Peru Fundraiser menu

Accepting our rather embarrassing defeat, we turned our eyes to the lovingly designed menu, outlining everything we were about to enjoy. All the food was made from scratch by our friend’s mum, who is a fantastic cook! I can’t imagine how stressful it must be cooking for over 70 people, but it was a roaring success! It was great to try a few new things and it was a lovely spread of chicken, salsas, enpenadas, cheese filled pastries and flat breads.

Peru Fundraiser chicken

Peru Fundraiser salsa green

Peru Fundraiser salsa

Peru Fundraiser arepas

The arepas were my favourite; small but incredibly filling! Stuffed with really tasty combos too.

The fundraiser is all about improving education, with the belief that every child deserves to learn. It’s a fantastic cause and a sentiment I completely agree with; had we not all been to school our lives would be very different! If you’d like to help out the Huacarpay School Fundraiser please check out their Facebook page to donate 🙂

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