Food Discovery Box

by Jo Kenny

Food-to-your-door subscriptions have been a thing for quite a while now. I’ve subscribed to them in the past and I have to say it’s really exciting having a package waiting for you, especially as you arrive home hungry after a long day at work! Food Discovery Box kindly sent me a sample of their product to have a look at, as I think subscriptions like this can be a great Christmas gift.

A lot of subscriptions work around convenience: healthy snacks you can instantly have to hand, or dinner kits to save you hunting around for the ingredients. The Food Discovery Box is a bit different and is angled more towards true food lovers. They work with British boutique producers to give consumers access to some top quality products they otherwise might not get to try. I love this because, as you know, I love discovering new foods and artisan vendors!

Discovery box review subscription

So, what did I get in my box?

Discovery box review contents

It’s instantly clear that this stuff ain’t cheap. Everything I pull out of the box is interesting, in quality packaging and has me tapping names into Google to learn more!

Discovery box review coffee

Well, that’s breakfast sorted! This coffee smells delicious and I love the thick, paper packaging.

Discovery box review spice rub

A blend of spices for creating BBQ meats at home. I’ll be rubbing this into pork chops and ribs.

Discovery box review oyster mushrooms

Top quality oyster mushrooms which I plan to put into a delicious mushroom risotto.

Discovery box review jerk seasoning

Caribbean jerk seasoning in a lovely little tin, handy as we’ve just run out! This will be delicious on a roast chicken.

Discovery box review chocolate

This incredible spiced chocolate was probably my favourite thing in the box as it was something I’d never tried. Milk chocolate with a blend of ginger, cinnamon and cardamom; it really was heavenly and didn’t last long at all!

Discovery box review salt

And finally, a blend of rosemary and coarse salt which comes with a nifty little grinder.

It’s a really nice selection of ‘grown up stuff’ for those who love to experiment in the kitchen. Another nice thing about the box is you have more control over what you get: you’re sent a ‘menu’ of up to thirty items of which you can choose any 5 items, as well as Discovery Box giving you a mystery item to keep it interesting.

Subscriptions start at £23.50, but  if you’re interested in trying them out, FDB have arranged a cheeky discount code you can use for 50% off the first box: ‘yumdimsum’ score!

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Andy Brown November 19, 2014 - 7:53 am

I have been getting their boxes for a few months now. All as good as the last. Some are lightly themed. Always a lovely moment in the rhythm off the month. Highly recommend giving then a go.


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