Father’s Day Heatwave

by Jo Kenny

My dad does well for special occasions. Whilst the rest of us in the family have birthdays either side of Christmas when it’s dark and cold and no one has any money to do anything, my dad is a Spring baby. This weekend, as I thought back to being lucky enough to just see the sun on Mother’s day, I couldn’t help think that dad’s are very lucky indeed to have a Summer date dedicated to them!

Although, the double whammy of weather and National Day meant that everywhere was heaving, and I’d planned a day of mooching around Cambridge of all things! Into the hot, sweaty tourist trap we went…

Oh, but it is so very, very pretty.

We strolled around admiring how incredibly charming Cambridge is, munching on overpriced but essential ice cream cones. All those ice cream carts must have made an absolute killing on Sunday!

Eventually we sought shade and refreshment in Cambridge Wine Merchants. A round of rum, wine and beer was ordered along with some tasty and very well priced nibbles to share at £6.50 each.

Lovely coarse pate and an even lovelier pie with a soft, rich meaty filling and incredible crumbly pastry. God I love nibbly sharing boards!

The main event for Father’s day, given that we couldn’t waste one drop of sunshine, was a BBQ back at home.

Charcoal BBQ of course. It gives you much better flavour and a weird primal satisfaction and it’s just better than gas, ok?!

Lamb cooked on the BBQ is such a dream. All those lovely fatty bits that the flames lick and make crispy! Lamb chops are much hardier to high temperatures so you can go a little less low and slow with these than other meats and cuts. I created a simple marinade for these of fresh chopped mint, minced garlic, salt, pepper and a little olive oil. Prepare a few hours before so the flavours can infuse into the meat.

Pork loins (smothered in BBQ sauce) need a lot less heat. Keep ’em on the edge of the BBQ.

Lamb and pork was served with papaya and lime coconut rice, mango salsa and German style potato salad. Oh! And garlic bread made with sourdough which I massively recommend: the butter catches in all the holes and makes it extra delicious. Wrap a buttered, sliced loaf in foil and BBQ for 5-10 minutes.

Just as golden hour was approaching, we finished off the day with meringue sandwiches, filled with chocolate rum cream and served with fresh raspberries.

I have the recipe for this dessert coming soon! I am so thankful for this heatwave, not only did it give me some much needed time to de-whiten my legs (did you see that picture on Instagram?) but it created a really perfect day with my family.

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