by Jo Kenny

Guess what I’m making.

Fajita vegetables pepper lettuce tomatoes

No silly. Not a sad little salad. AWESOME FAJITAS.

Okay so this isn’t exactly ground breaking and it’s most certainly not a recipe; I think if you’re food orientated enough to be reading a food blog, chances are you’re not a total lost cause in the kitchen. This is just a little preach from yours truly to try and make your own fajitas rather than buying that plastic kit crap. Trust me, fresh fajitas with crispy breaded chicken and crunchy salad is a million miles better than the hot ones, especially when the accompaniments have come from your fair hand and not from a packet.

First you need yourself some chicken, which you’re going to cut into long, thin strips. Mr YumDimSum will be my lovely assistant.

Breaded chicken fajita strips

You’re then going to drop them into some plain flour and give them a nice coating. Raw chicken is much nicer to handle when it’s got a dusting of flour, wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, The idea with home breading is that you need to create a little production line for yourself. Flour station. Egg Station. Breadcrumb station. To add flavour we put a dash of Worcestershire sauce in the chicken, garlic powder in the flour and Caribbean seasoning into the breadcrumbs. Yum!

Home made breaded chicken fajita

I think even the lost causes have figured out what we’re going to do next…

egg dip chicken fajita strips

Once you’ve taken your floured chicken strips through a dunking of egg and a sprinkling of golden breadcrumbs they’re ready for an oiled baking dish and a 15 minute stint in the oven at 250 degrees.

Breaded chicken fajita strips uncooked

Now whilst that’s cooking away it’s salsa time! This is where I get back up on my soap box to say that going home made and fresh is mega tasty fun times. I begrudgingly had to buy ready-made guacamole because Morrisons’ avocados (even the ready to eat ones) were like bullets. One of my very first posts was about salsa, so get some more inspiration here.

A little tip for salsa: if the tomatoes you’re using are really seedy, take them out. It’s just tasteless water you don’t need.

unseeded tomatoes for salsa

tomato salsa onion

Time to serve up!

Breaded chicken

Chicken fajita salad

Chicken fajitas


chicken fajita constructed

So so delicious! I sat down at the table adamant I was going to eat three, but turns out I could only handle two of these beasts. The perfect precursor to a big afternoon nap!

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daisyjanine February 8, 2013 - 9:50 pm

I’ve never really thought of having breaded chicken in Fajitas before?! Going to try it now, looks amazing!


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