Embracing Messy Lives With The Panasonic SC-ALL05

by Jo Kenny

Disclosure: this is a paid post. As always, all words and thoughts are my own.

As you guys know I’ve been collaborating with Panasonic for a little while now, reviewing their oh so shiny kitchen appliances. To date I’ve tested out and shared by thoughts with you on a blender, a food processor, a juicer and a steam oven… all of which I was really impressed with for how robust and beautiful they are. But going slightly off piste from the usual kitchen apparatus, I was recently gifted a portable speaker to review.

Now, speakers may or may not resonate with you as a kitchen item. I guess it depends on your home set up, and how much time you spend cooking. I for one love listening to music whilst I cook! Unfortunately my phone, laptop and past speakers have not enjoyed the process so much because unlike the shiny, polished pictures us bloggers show on social media, real life is messy and kitchens are a minefield for gadgets to dwell in! Here’s some of my regular kitchen catastrophes:

The Icing Sugar Cloud

Any baker will have experienced it. The recipes states you need 200g of icing sugar. You turn on the whisk and watch 150g of it billow up into the air and coat every surface of your kitchen in a thin film of sugary dust.

Invisible Egg Whites

Oh egg whites. The invisible slime that sits on your counter top just waiting for you to run your sleeve through it… *sigh*


Spilling an entire bag of rice all over the floor you stand there silent for a minute, observing how much mess you’ve instantly created, marveling at just. how. far it’s gone,  thinking of ways you can salvage the rice… before accepting that you’ll be spending the next twenty minutes ruining your vacuum cleaner and the next 6 months discovering grains in far flung corners of your kitchen.

Spilled drink

Cooking can be thirsty work, especially long haul dinners like a roast and when you’ve got loads of dishes on the go, chances are at some point you’ve experienced the sheer dismay of knocking over your water (or it’s probably wine isn’t it) and watching it soak up into your recipe books or spill over the sides onto the floor.

If I can quote the tag line for the SC-ALL05 speaker: ‘Because life isn’t waterproof’ this really sums up why I’m enjoying it so much. This is a waterproof speaker. You can cover it in the thickest icing sugar cloud and wipe it clean. You can trail as much accidental egg white over it and just rinse it off. You can spill your wine (I mean try not to because it’s delicious) all over it and it’ll keep on playing music! Hallelujah!

Honestly at first before I had properly considered the benefits I thought this was a bit of a gimmick. But it’s actually so nice to have a speaker right by where I’m cooking and not far off in a safe place where it won’t get damaged. I felt a bit nervous testing the waterproof abilities; there’s something quite rebellious and satisfying in pouring water over an electronic device! The SC-ALL05 costs £200, has 9 hours of (rechargeable) battery life and connects wirelessly to other devices. On top of a beautiful, shiny touch screen like all the other appliances I’ve reviewed, the sound quality it excellent: my kitchen parties have certainly got better.

As someone who’s been blogging for 7 years (seven years!) I fall into the category of the ‘old skool blogger’. I come from the early days when blogging was very much a hobby and nothing more serious than a platform on which to share your interests. ‘New skool blogging’ is a very different beast. It’s slick and shiny. It’s considered and business-like and clever. This has been a sponsored post but on top of providing a product review it’s been an apt opportunity to reinforce to readers that life is not perfect and what you see on social media is very much a polished version of real life. Whilst posting tasty pictures I will always aim to offer you guys an honest account of what I eat, cook and get up to 🙂

So with that said, here’s a picture of my kitchen tidied up, just for you! (What’s that mum? No no, it always looks like this…)

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