Electric Social

by Jo Kenny

Nothing quite like a Friday night meal to kick off the weekend! Me & Q headed into town, following an invite to check out Electric Social.

Electric social milton keynes bar

electric social milton keynes lights

Electric social bar milton keynes

I never knew Electric Social was so big inside, or quite so nicely fitted out! The restaurant come bar/club has been on the scene for a little while now, formerly known as MK social and now trying out a new name. I guess we have something in common!

So here comes the slap on the wrist as I tell you that I’ve never been to this restaurant before, despite enjoying the food that their chef cooked at the 2015 MK Food Awards. But it looks like I’m not the only one, given that the place wasn’t exactly buzzing. More of a murmur really.

Electric Social Milton Keynes girl eats world

cutlery electric social milton keynes

Electric social milton keynes water

Y’know this is probably the nicest jug of water I’ve ever had, laced with cucumber and mint and raspberries… probably a sign the barman was crying out for some more customers to entertain! He was such a character; the kind of person who’d remember your face and greet you with a smile each time you came back. (I’ll have to test that theory).

electric social milton keynes steak chips

electric social milton keynes steak

Electric social milton keynes burger chips

Electric social milton keynes burger

Electric social milton keynes chips

The verdict? Really decent, nicely presented food. Steak on a hot lave rock is something I’ve never had before and whilst it essentially removes all risk (or skill) from the kitchen, it is fun to sit and watch it sizzle away to your liking! The chips were fantastic; proper crunchy French fries that were a delight to dunk into the rich peppercorn sauce that accompanied my ribeye. The burger (in this case a classic cheeseburger with bacon) had a lovely fresh bun and a well seasoned, tasty patty.

The menu is pretty classic, and not too big. There’s a light bites section too: ideal for those fancying a mostly liquid dinner!

It is all round a perfectly lovely atmosphere for an evening of dinner and cocktails. So I cannot help but be baffled as to why it isn’t getting a bit more love! After all, my home town Milton Keynes receives quite a lot of complaints¬†over the monopoly of chains. We have five Nandos, four Pizza Express! You’d think we’d all be jumping at the chance to eat somewhere a bit different eh?

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